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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help? We have a couple of 1760 routers that have gone t*ts up. Someone (not me !) has changed the values in the config register and now on boot up they come up with a line of gash and then they just hang. We need to reload the IOS. Any help gratefully appreciated.
  2. If you weren't such a t1t i'd help you.
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    Thanks to everyone else
  4. Problem not cleared by the help already provided. Getting no CLI at all, so no MMI possible. Any clues?
  5. Guru,

    This link starts with an intro to the IOS, and links out to various articles on reloading/recovering the IOS.

    Do you have a copy of your current config that can be used to tftp into the router via a console connection?

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  7. What are the new values in the config reg this will determine our course of action

    0x0000 Remains at bootstrap prompt
    0x0001 Boot system image on EPROM
    0x0040 ignores NVRAM contents
    0x0100 Breaks disabled
    0x2000 Sets defaulst ROM software if network boot fails
    0x8000 Enables
    diagnostic messages

    We need to found out exactly were it fails when it boots attach a laptop to the console port using hyperterminal set the values to 9600 baud etc and capture the booting process to a text file.You can the read the file to pinpoint the start of the failure
  8. What is the conf reg set to now ? A copy of the boot sequence would be good to see as well, can you post a copy of it here.
  9. Problem solved. Firstly for some bizarre reason, the Router (not the laptop) had set its console port to 19k2, hence the gash. After that was found out, altering the confreg to change the password was a doozy.

    Thanks for the assistance.
  10. The Console port on a 1760 defaults to 9k6 therefore it wouldn't just 'set itself' to 19k2, even if it did take a funny turn.
    If I were you I'd be investigating this thoroughly to determine if it was simply a mistake or something a lot more serious.
    Snort-rules up to date? :wink:
  11. I think the a lot more serious is someone playing around with router and not knowing what they are doing.
  12. Without compromising, I can assure that no shenanigans have taken place. When I received the kit, thy had both been withdrawn from separate secure locations.