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Having read through all the threads in here regarding DS1 and CIS troop in general, i have come to the conclusion they should be renamed TAP Troop as they are continualy dripping.
And having witnessed first hand one of their so called leaders last night make an arse of himself on the top table(obviously had too much mouth wash to drink) id like to nominte him as chief Stop COCK of the newly renamed TAP Troop.
Bring it on !!!
So as all soldiers like to winge and complain (this is one of the things that makes the british army, as an eg joke shows at bottom) and one IS gets drunk your're point for laying down this challenge for a flaming war on the IS trade is based on what ???

3 officers, one german, one american and one british all sitting around arguing which country has the best soldiers.

The German Officer says no, no we have the best soldiers in the world, and called over one german soldier. "Right private I want you to run 10 miles, push out one hundred press ups and then carry out a 40 minute lectuure on German politics.  Off the soldier went, completing his 10 miles in record time, pushing out one hundred press ups to perfection then stands and carrys out a perfect 40 min lecture without even pausing for a breath or breaking out into a sweat.

The American soldier says no, no we have the best sldeirs in the world and called over an american private,  right said the officer I want you to complete a marathon then carry out one hundred press ups and one hundred situps and then stand and do a 1 hr lecture on american politics.  Off goes the soldier, completing all in reocrd breaking times and carrying out a perfect 1 hr to the second lecture.

The British officer says no, no we have the best soldiers in the world and called over an IS Op, right I want you to complete a marathon, swim the channel and then give a two hour lecture on the History of the Royal Corp of Signals.  "F Off says the squaddie you can bloody do it yourself".  See said the British Officer we have the best soldiers in the world.!!
OK, let's drip!!! about a twist on the "Babe or Minger" game? :)  I'll go first...

SDBA...Leader or Loser?

Have to agree with you, maybe though he just likes to be different!!! because most of the guys need an injection of humour.

As for chief stop COCK have to agree with you.

I also nominate the man who shall remain nameless as as a bigger C*CK
Just arrived in Elmpt.. thought Id contribute to your threads having read through them all..... Im also keen to DS2 App Op but got knocked back cos of some nobber on the Sigs selection board ... anyway here goes ...

CIS_Groupie ....penis or henous?

Nigger28... Black or White?

WibbleFishbanana ... Jock or Frock?

IsSkiGeek ... Tart or Fart?

Whinging_DS1 ....Whinger or Fringer?

Subnet_ Mask ..... Dom or Dumb?

plugh.... Sprite or sh@te

Answers on a postcard please

:D ::) :-[ :p
I for one am providing adequate provision for the hostilities about to begin:

I am now continually wearing an knife protection vest to foil any attempt from behind from any IS Op.

Fist clenched if SNM names anyone on ARRSE.

My family pet now restricted to the house incase WFB doesnt get laid soon.

Motion detection equipment trained on Lord Lucans residence so that he is not able to surprise anyone by turning up out of the blue.

All food products in a secure vault to prevent the SDBA from further expansion
Does nobody have anything better to do than slag off CIS Troop?
Please Please Please get a life, or a Job perhaps !!  ::)
;D It is a sad state of affairs when we get into slagging the now called IS troop:

What is a PISS
What is GISS
What is WISS

Anwsers on a postcard

If you know aren't you lucky but who's Dog TITS

:D Agree with you 100% NAFNAF, everyone should lay off the old troop and stop slagging them off as they've got enough problems of their own.

I'm sure i know what the PISS and a GISS is but not sure about the WISS - unless is something to do with Whinging ?.

PS seems to be a lull in the battle now that some of the troop are away adv trg. Even though i've heard that some people are resorting to dirty tricks to make it appear that there still posting messages even though they're actually away !.

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