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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pentopjim, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. im going in to basic training soon and thinking about starting circuit training. what im wondering is, is it a good idea to run one day then do circuit training the next. because the circuits involve a lot of leg work, like burpees and squats, will i be giving my legs enough recovery after a good run the day before. apologies for not wording the question properly, bit pissed. thanks in advance
  2. check out crossfit, plus you can get a training guide from the AFCO. High intensity interval training is another to google. Also look up fartlek. Train for two days then rest. Build up slowly you dont want any junk miles. As for impact on your legs, do intervals in the pool. You only need a baseline fitness before training. Its there job to build you up.

    Take it slowly and methodically one day at a time. You are not training for ironman.

    Oh yes dont go on the forums whilst pissed. You want to get fit, cut the alcohol out. Plus you cant use dutch courage in training.

    Good Luck,
  3. will check those out. thanx, apreciated
  4. Bollocks you want to be as fit as possible before you start
  5. Run in the morning and circuits in the afternoon/ early evening. Two days on, then a rest day, then another two days, then a rest day etc etc.

    Runs: (as a very rough guide)
    one long run per week in trainers work up to circa ten or more miles
    one interval session; sprints and or hills
    one or more boot runs building up to one boot run and one weighted speed march per week

    Circuits: (as a very rough guide)
    3 sets of press ups, chin ups, sit ups and box jumps and other body weight exercises. the second set should be harder than the first and last ones. As a rough rule, workout the maximum of each exercise you can complete with good form in 2 minutes and use half this figurefor sets 1 & 3 and 75% for set 2: Eg. press ups max in 2 minutes 40 = set 1 and 3-20 and set 2-30

    Good luck
  6. I've always been partial to this little circuit as of late

    5 rounds of

    500m sprint row (always replace that with a 500m running sprint, you'll be done sooner then the row though, around 1 min 25)
    10 burpees (full press up and jump)

    1 min rest


    If you do about 1 min 42 ish on the rowing you'll have the whole thing done in about 18-20 minutes.

    I've never been a fan of body weight stuff in circuits for muscular conditioning. I see why people do it, but circuits IMO should maximally tax the anaerobic system so the aerobic system is forced to adapted to recover in the rest time stipulated. Unless you can do 2-3 times the number of total press ups you're looking at doing in the circuit, your limiting factor will be the muscular endurance of say, in the case of press ups, the shoulders.
  7. My bold: Mate; if you could see me blowing out of my arrse and my muscles uncontrollably shaking after a full session of circuits you'd realise why you may just have heard an hysterical ironic laugh wafting over the lower stratosphere from the SW of the Country after that comment.... :omg: LOL
  8. You need to run more then


    If it's getting you knackered (as you have described I would say so) then it's working.

    My conditioning is so so, which is why I tend to include things like burpees with tuck jumps and/or DB cleans and swings with a minimum 25kg DB as it ticks all of my boxes.

    That and pad work