Circuit training

Thinking my circuit training is becoming a bit jaded lately and in need of new inspiration / freshening up and, even in the age of the all-powerful Google search, struggling to find any pages with good, imaginative circuits.

Anybody got any good links for indoor (or for that matter) outdoor circuit training work-outs?
Does it have to be outdoor circuit, i've been doing circuit training with an ex pro boxer which is pretty good, if you want to know what I do ill post it, but its indoor
Indoor even better mate
Ok sorry for the late reply mate.

Set into 12x3 minute rounds minute rest in between, it's set up with medicine balls and kettle bells ( if not got them try and get them 5l water bottle with the handles) and skipping rope (wire type)

1.Start off on the kettlebells/water bottle either lifting from your lower back or in a swinging motion from the power from your legs. 30 seconds

2. get onto the skipping rope, if cant skip do a quick sprint on the spot or any high cardio you can do. 30 seconds

3. As many plank sit ups as you can do in 30 seconds

4. as many tricep dips as you can do in 30 seconds

5. sit-ups with medicine ball any type (twist, meeting feet halfway etc) not just plain sit-ups 30 seconds

6. we do jumping onto the ring and off, so any equipment that you can do any explosive leg exercises.

thats the circuit we go 6 rounds circuit, 6 rounds on the bag if you have got one.

That any good for you mate, let us know

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