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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wannabe-rifleman, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Just working on some circuit training plans to do in the gym. It's a thai-boxing gym so we've got plenty of floor space but limited equipment. Here's one i've put together:

    Station 1: Weighted barbell lift from floor and shoulder press

    Station 2: Weighted squats

    Station 3: Press ups

    Station 4: Sit ups

    Station 5: Tricep dips

    Station 6: Tyre flip

    I was thinking of starting with this by doing the circuit 30 seconds each station then 45 and 60. I was also thinking of doing it by reps instead of time so for example start with 10 reps at each station and work down to 1. If aybody can give any advice or add anything please feel free.

  2. I tend to do either a muscle group specific circuit (i.e Arms only) to overload that area, or a full body circuit broken down into 6 exercises (upper body, abdominals, legs and repeat). Also my timing would be different, as I start on say 90 seconds and work down to 60 seconds, then 30 seconds, have a 90 second rest and then repeat x 3 where you have it the other way around.

    Also, I always work to time limits instead of reps. This is mainly because my circuits are done as part of a group rather than as an individual and you don’t want to be hanging around waiting for someone to finish there set. The way your suggesting with reps is like a variation of pyramid training, which is also a great workout if your doing it alone.

    Ive given an example of an MMA circuit Ive done recently at the TAC with our SPSI. This one is an arm overload circuit and an absolute killer!!!


    Starting with 90 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 30 seconds at each exercise. Repeat x 3 sets with a 90 second rest between sets

    Push ups (on push up hand bars, to maximise range of movement)
    Punchbag (fast, straight punches)
    Medicine ball (chest to straight out in front and back)
    Tricep dips
    Barbell Press
    Dumbell punches (alternate arms)

    You have to give it 100% effort. If you do you should be a gibbering wreck by the end of it, its a great workout. We done this session after a particularly gruelling interval running session.
  3. Tankie2ndrtr

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    Also you are 30% Stronger if you cry "USSSST!
  4. Thanks for that Spenny, i will bring that routine in. Cheers.
  5. shh.. that's a secret.
  6. Ended up doing an upper body circuit with 6 stations mixed from my original exercises and some that Spenny suggested,

    1) 10kg Barbell shoulder press

    2) Press ups

    3) Medicine ball, straight out, back in then straight up

    4) 15kg Upright barbell rows

    5) Weighted twists, arms locked out with 5kg plate in hands twisting at the waist from side to side

    6) Tricep dips

    as my training partner couldn't make it i did the 10 rep, 9 rep, 8 rep and so on system instead of having to keep my eye on the clock.

    Once i'd finished that i just did the following:

    50 bicep curls 15kg & 50 tricep extensions 10kg, 10 each at a time.

    50 sit ups

    30 barbell rows 15kg

    10 medicine ball press ups

    20 barbell shoulder press 10kg

    Will keep switching it around and vary it up.
  7. Thanks, will have a look.