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Layout can be anything so long as everyone has a good workout. Usually depends on what kit is available. Come up with your own ideas, tweak those you learnt on the course and you'll find one that suits your style of instruction. It doesn't have to be a '12 stations, going round in a clockwise direction' circuit everytime.


Sit ups one station. skipping, tricep dips, burpees, squats, step ups, plyometrics (saq training), doggies or shuttle runs, press ups, core work (plank, side bends,etc), you can have free weights (doing shoulder press, deadlifts, not massive weights), basically all those gay little exercises you do.

Have the station set up in a circle. Make it as big as you want. 10 Exercises, work for 2 minutes and then they can change round to the next station or if you want to be a cnut make them run round the outside for two minute inbetween stations.
Yeah that is the basic thing I do any way, I have got a load of circuits planned but I want to find other ones.

Such as Tabata.

Just want to make the lessons more interesting.
Hi Spanner Monkey 55,

Sorry for the blatent plug but i have some circuit training information on my website

I would have left the link out but the information would have just clogged up the thread.

A great way of making circuit training interesting is having each candidate input their results from each station...every session...nothing beats trying to crush your previous results.

This also give you an indication when a change is needed...if you have time to briefly analyse their results you will be able to see when people are gradually reaching their you an opportunity to change the routine before they lose interest

I hope this can help yo

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