CIPD review of retention in the UK


Turnover levels vary very considerably from industry to industry. The highest levels of turnover (22.9%) are found in private sector organisations. Successive CIPD surveys of labour turnover show that the highest levels (commonly in excess of 50% per annum) are found in retailing, hotels and restaurants, call centres and among other lower paid private sector services groups. The public sector has an average turnover rate of 13.3%.

and... :?

If there was a figure in there for Forces Retention it might generate discussion. :)

Did a quick search on the site, unless I join, which can take up to 10 days to access articles, this thread might be a non-starter.
Put it this way: the TA loses more people in the first three years of service than in all the other years of service combined.

i.e. we are turning people over at about three times the public sector average rate...

I'd say that has always been true MSR, and true of the Regular army too. Many join, serve for a few years, and move on to other things. You can stay with my firm until you drop dead if you want to, but the Army will want rid of you long before then too.

I don't think comparisons with the rest of the public sector or civilian organisation stand up very well, it is changes in the level of retention and recruiting which would be of real interest.

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