Cindy Sheehan Bashes "War" Moms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. oldbaldy

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  2. Nothing insuting there.

    It is the truth.

    So mrs.Sheehan doesn't understand something. It is not an insult. Explain your position and that's all.

    Here I agree. a claim that somebody is brainwashed (even if it is true) could be regarded as an insult.

    If somebody wish to pray then it is not insulting.
  3. In what way?

    Land of the free and all that

    Sounds like a loon

    I know you have "Friends" out in the wars but I didn't realise you were their mother Chief

    To be honest no-one knows who the feck this bird is

    Continue being insulted
  4. Well, i can see her point...

    A reasonable question to ask in my book.
  5. Of greatest controversy is an incident about which Sheehan's detractors claim she has lied. In March, 2005, James Morris sent an e-mail to ABC's Nightline that allegedly included the statements that Casey "was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel" and that he had "joined the Army to protect America, not Israel." Sheehan denies the allegations, "I've never said that. . . Those aren't even words that I would say. I do believe that the Palestinian issue[27] is a hot issue that needs to be solved, and it needs to be more fair and equitable, but I never said my son died for Israel." She claims that the email was modified by James Morris to support his own personal agenda. However, James Morris denies altering the email before sending it along to Nightline[28] on Sheehan's behalf (per her request for him to do so). Two other individuals, Tony Tersch and Skeeter Gallagher, received a copy of Sheehan's email directly from her; both claim that the e-mail they received is consistent with Morris's story, rather than Sheehan's. Tersch posted the email[29] he received to the "bullyard" Google group. Opponents of Sheehan assert that this essentially proves that she has repeatedly lied about the content of her original e-mail.[30]

    Rumors began spreading towards the end of 2005 that Sheehan would challenge Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for her seat in 2006, which Sheehan publicly considered in January 2006. Sheehan is, however, backing Green Party candidate Todd Chretien in that election.[citation needed]

    Cindy Sheehan on May 12, 2006 published a letter titled "Oh no, Canada".[31] In the letter, Cindy stated that the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was "wildly unpopular from coast to coast up north and there is a growing sense of unease about his emulation of a very unpopular person in the USA but even more in Canada: George Bush." However, two days prior to the letter's publication SES Research released the results of a poll[32] indicating approval for the Prime Minister in every part of the country. During her visit to Canada, Cindy lent her support to the War Resister Support group, a Canadian activist organization that is currently petitioning the Canadian government to allow deserters from the US Military to be given sanctuary in Canada.[citation needed]
  6. With regards to the original article....

    I didn't find that insulting at all. I see where she is coming from totally.

    If I am missing something here though please tell me as I am a bit dim sometimes!
  7. With regards to the original article....

    I didn't find that insulting at all. I see where she is coming from totally.

    If I am missing something here though please tell me as I am a bit dim sometimes!
  8. She is a hippy, who very unfortunately lost a son.

    However, most despicably she is using that event to further her own agenda, it doesn’t matter if she is right or wrong, its reprehensible action.

    As for the insults, she essentially accuses this women of wishing 'murder and mayhem' on innocent people, among other things. That I think qualifies as an insult.