Cimea (River)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Evelyn Tent, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. Wonder if anyone is planning to visit the Crimea for 150th anniversary of Balaklava (or, indeed Alma or Inkerman) this autumn. I'm in the area and am planning to go back there in Oct, though probably not for the exact anniversary of The Charge.

    Apart from the beardy types and museum botherers, is anyone keen to meet up on the battlefield?
  2. Be careful some of the old and bold from Regiment visited the Alma and found themselves in a little bit of bother with the security boys. Battlefield tours are a bit of a mystery to the locals.
  3. Roger, Shroom, thanks for wng. Went before and was spied upon. Proper crap spy he was too - longraincoat, dark glasses...
  4. A WO2 from the old 3 Int took me on a tour of East Berlin, he pointed out our KGB tail for the day who was apparently a KGB Major. Chap had bleach blond hair and wore a crushed denim safari suit. Easiest man to spot in a crowd I've ever seen.
  5. Are you sure it wasn't Michela Strachan?
  6. I think he'd remember having her as a WO2.
  7. Elve, put the gin down and pay attention. I was referring not to our funghal friend's warrant officer, put to his KGB tail. And I think you would have to agree that there is every chance Michela was a Stalinist.
  8. Who's this Michala woman - send photos (undraped if poss). Does she have the same sort of moustache as Stalin.
  9. She does indeed, but she keeps hers in a different place to Stalin.
  10. I have heard of a Hitler 'tache, but never heard of a Stalin 'tache. Can you describe it please.

  11. Well it's rather bushier than its Fascist equivalent. And red in colour, obviously. Fortunately it is quite rare nowadays, since the Wall has come down.
  12. Ah! La minge naturelle. Living proof that there is a God, and that he is a thoughtful sort of a fellow, after all he did make womens pubes soft and curly so they don't poke you in the eye.
  13. Unless of course she has a Saddam tache - decidely spikey, and often termed as a 'MMD'. More than capable of putting out the eyes of the unwary.
  14. If you run a quick Google search for Ms Strachan, you find this as your starter: complete with picture at the top (she's the one on the left).

    It appears that the compiler of said website may subsequently have found a life, since the page hasn't been updated since 1996. Either that or he was imprisoned/sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
  15. But still no nudie ones. Lets not get serious about this.