Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Pork_Pie, May 20, 2004.

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  1. Are any AGC people here doing, planning to do or have done, CIMA?

    Do many people in the AGC study accountancy? Is it still only sergeants and above that get put forward to study? What's the allowance like on qualification?

    Am curious, as do CIMA for my job.
  2. I suspect that some of the Management Accountant CEQ might have done CIMA. :p

  3. Yes, it is Sgts and above but you may start CIMA at the Def Sch of Fin, Worthy Down at any rank, provided you pay for it yourself.
  4. Oops forgot to add that there must be spare capacity to cater for you.
  5. I think Worthy Down does courses sspecifically for paying civvy students, in addition for service staff & MoD civil servants - I saw an advert a few years ago, aalthough not sure if they're still run. Certainly, Worthy Down used to have a really good reputation for the standard of tuition.
  6. You will very shortly be able to use your enhanced learning credits to buy CIMA distance learning or classroom courses from BPP Professional Education, who are the professional training market leaders and have a very good pass rate.

    More information available on request
  7. Management Accountants are paid on the Higher Pay range under P2K, so it is largely dependent upon their rank etc on how much they get paid, not an allowance as such for completing CIMA
  8. Is there a CIMA / CIPFA Head of Accounting Profession (HOAP) within the AGC just as there is within the civilian MoD ?
  9. The WO2 on my TA Class 1 Pers/Fin was studying at Worthy Down, and I met a SSgt I knew previously who was also studying. AGC at the time seemed to have the right idea, in that they offered an intensive study package, with plenty of home study.

    Quite how CIMA with MOD experience translates into the outside world I'm unsure, it's almost like being a CIPFA I think, in that the experience level isn't really geared to the commercial world, unlike some one who is a CIMA in industry.
  10. Not as good as training in the commercial sector perhaps - because the range of experience will be more limited - but the change from Army to working for the Govt as a civy (Civil Service, NHS, local govt, whatever) shouldn't be too bad, and they''ll pay a reasonable salary for CIMA people.