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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DannyBoy, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. I am after a little help, what is covered during the 3 week course and is there any pre course reading anybody can recomend? The DIN is not very helpful.
  2. I've done CIMA with my civvy job - as have a few of the other TA lads on ARRSE. (Of course, I passed when the syllabus was hard, not the current one :D ) Don't know much about the AGC, but if you can provide a link to the DIN material - or type up a decent description - , then also post in the TA area, you might get some useful advice.
  3. Current syllabus is harder. Back in the day when it was 16 exams, doing four a year was a breeze.

    Nowadays, I find that CIMA students are doing them in blocks of two every six months, just to try and keep up.

    CIMA with the Army is a good thing, although if you're on a harsh operational tempo, I'd say forget it. You also need to consider what your aim is when you have the qualification. I know a couple of blokes who've gone on to RAO jobs, (so the CIMA benefit is what exactly?) and I seem to recall being told there was a CIMA Sergeant at LONDIST doing travel claims analysis - oh the joys!

    But the Army won't provide relevant practical experience, that you can translate into industry clearly. I found from my own studying that being in a job where the principals can be applied did translate into exam success, as I could approach a technical question from the "So, what would I do at work..." angle.

    Whereas Army accounting doesn't seem to have changed much from Wellington's day... :)
  4. Not sure why 4 exams every 12 months is easier than 2 exams every 6 months.

    However, I do know that the intermediate stage - as was - is now 6 exams, not 8. One subject - finance - has been scrapped, & tax (never a CIMA strong point) has been amalgamated with financial accounting. Interestingly, Henley Management College (ranked 2nd in UK by Economist) give exemptions to persons who've passed the old syllabus, but not the current one.

    If you do CIMA with the Army, and have problems getting good experience, then when you join Civvy Street you may have to take a lower grade job than your average CIMA member. But you'll still have a very marketable qualification, and experience will come soon.

    One more thing - don't know much about Worthy Down these days, but it used to have a really good reputation, and an excellent pass rate.
  5. Should have said, the exemptions at Henley are for their MBA.
  6. Official exam frequency (blocks of 6 months):

    1st block - 2 Foundation exams
    2nd - 3 Foundation exams
    3rd - 2 Managerial exams
    4th - officially a 6 month break
    5th - 4 Managerial exams (on residential)
    6th - 3 Strategic exams (on residential).

    (Posted with Higher Band Pay)

    The CIMA selection course covers the basis for most of the foundation exams eg Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Maths.

    I believe a pack is given prior to the course, for completion.