CILOT Rebate for spouse in full time education

Mrs Z is in full time education as a mature student and as such has a discount letter from her College/Uni stating that the local council will grant a discount of 25% on council tax.

Do any of you pay gods out their know if this can be claimed against CILOCT when in MQs and if this can be back dated? I imagine this is in JSP 752 somewhere, however the chapter an verus would be good if anyone knows it so I can educate my G1 branch.
Possibly a bit out of date but this is from JSP 754 Version 9 - see sub para d:

Eligibility for Discounts

09.0608. In common with normal CT rules, a discount of 25 % is applicable to single householders living as single adults in SFA or the substitute equivalents who pay CILOCT. The discount is not payable to personnel with a PStat Cat of 1s or 5s whose spouses or civil partners are occupying single accommodation. To qualify for a discount, an occupant must be living alone, or solely with persons who fall into one of the following categories:

a. Dependent children .

b. Non-dependents under the age of 18 years.

c. Individuals in receipt of Income Support.

d. Full-time students (but excluding students in receipt of their normal salary, e.g. Service personnel on training courses at university).

e. Student nurses on a pre-registration course.

f. Apprentices undertaking training leading to a qualification recognised by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications and earning less than a minimum amount as specified by the Department for Education and Science. This figure will be available from the appropriate local authority.

g. Severely mentally impaired individuals. To qualify for the concession a doctor’s certificate must be provided to the PACC confirming that the individual is severely mentally impaired, which means they have a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning and that the condition appears to be permanent.

h. Carers for a liable person. To qualify for the concession the carer must reside with another person for whom a disability pension or allowance is payable. The carer must provide care for a minimum average of 35 hours per week. Those caring for a disabled spouse or child under age 16 do not qualify under this particular category of qualification.

09.0609. Service personnel who claim the 25 % CILOCT discount must give immediate notification of any changes of circumstances that may affect their eligibility for the discount.

Business Process Guide

09.0610. The relevant Business Process Guide (BPG) relating to this Section can be found at:


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