Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by walting_matilda, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know how much per person per day it is?

  2. good effort.... no cigar depends on Pstat Cat and accomodation occupied and also its best to trot off down your HR Cbt Spec office and you will get the DS answer.
  3. Nope depends where your going i.e. location/country.Its a daily rate authorised by your Bde but your FSA should be able to give youe the 'rough' rate.
  4. Thanks guys.

    Im not going anywhere special. Just the Isle of Wight!!!!!
  5. It's called Danger Money for the IoW...

    and you receive the enhanced Op allowance!!


  6. Bet you don't.......... lol
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Do cadets get CILOR??
  8. Insert "should".


  9. Call me a thicky if you want.

    I didn't think they got CILOR anymore since PAYD and JPA were discovered.
  10. Well according to my Bde they still do. I have to fill out all the docs etc. but need to calculate how much it will be. Therefore, I’m just trying to find out how much it is.

    I called up a for a Short Term Catering Contract Support from Logistic Support 145 (HC) Bde and they quoted me £13000 for nine days. Bummer.
  11. If it is an exercise where you are entitled to food, feeding will be done centrally, and taking ration packs is impractical, then the OC/IC ex should get CILOR at the rate for that nation in order to buy in the scoff.

    I know this as have run a few AT exercises/expeds since JPA came in and while under PAYD. You have to submit all the receipts (which they do actually go over with a fine tooth comb) and you can't buy bottled water, pre-made sandwiches, toileteries, and a few other things (although IIRC you can get some booze through it...)
  12. :p what a nobhead I am i was on about CILOCT not CILOR. DUUUUUUUUUUUR
  13. Thicky!!! you are clutching at straws, slug, get back in your docs draw. As per the one of the gents on the forum said. An application is made through the FSA - the forms are normally held with the FSA. dependant on the amount of people go on adventure training and its calculated at a daily rate per person and the country your going to on adventure training.

    Slug - adventure training is classed as a sort of ex, thats the reason why it attracts CILOR known as cash in Lieu of rations but does not attract LSA because it classsed a military working holiday.

    The application once made, goes to Bde from the FSA sending it and the exped leader will be advanced the amount by the FSA. See your exped leader if you want to how much you get - but Id would imagine if you are in UK, you will get the amount to daily food charges which is around 3.58 per day but I dont have the rates to hand.
  14. Hi,

    If anyone cares it changes quarterly............ curently it is £4.78 per day. Careful big spenders.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!