CILOR - Been charged DFC for AT

Appreciate if any pay gurus could clarify the CILOR rules.

I've just returned from participating in some Adventurous Training (AT), where we were given CILOR to feed ourselves. Upon returning I've found out that I have been charged Daily Food Charge (DFC) for the AT period. The pay office is saying I have been charged as I was in receipt of CILOR. I've always believed that AT was classed as an exercise, and as such feeding should be provided at public expense.

If anyone can clarify the position, or point me in the direction of the relevant JSP/DINs.

CILOR is to replace service food for Field Conditions there is NO requirement for DFC to be raised as a condition for reciept of CILOR .... I would suggest you speak to your FSA and as for a copy of the CILOR DIN and to be shown where exactly in the JSP 754 it states you are required to pay DFC - if they find it, they have put it there themselves !!!!! You DO NOT pay food charges when in receipt of CILOR .... If you get no joy with your HR Staff PM me and I'll help.

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Cash In Lieu of Rations? So why pay out dosh for rations you didn't receive?
CILOR is a cash payment to an individual or group which allows them to purchase fresh rations whilst away doing AT or something similar where there are no provisions for the individual to be fed through service means ... (which I'm sure you'll be aware of) ... If you have applied for and been granted CILOR for your AT you should be given the monies allocated and be on your way - there is no requirement nor policy that states you must be charged DFC whilst in reciept of CILOR (you would not be paying DFC whilst on Ex/Ops and being fed under FC)..... If you haven't been fed by way of CILOR funding then I can not see why your unit would think otherwise (although I fail to see or understand why they have charged you DFC in the first place).
If you are booking out on AT on JPA Move & Track then it will automatically start Food Charged for you. Another Wonderful JPAism !!

Get them to book you out on Field Conditions for the same place/date and it will refund you the incorrect Food Charge.
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