Reading the papers today, i see there is going to be a hike in the council tax, linked to property value.

My question is this, how is our CILOCT calculated? I paid £73.80 last month, which works out at £885.60 a year, thats only 20 quid away from whay i would pay if i owned a £130,000 house (band C under the new rates). Now, i know that my quarter isnt worth that, so are we being ripped off here? Or does the CILOCT charge cover something else that civilians pay and we dont?

I appreciate we have to pay for facilities, local council services etc, but how do they arrive at the figure?

When I applied for a discount on council tax for my house on the basis that it wasn't my main home (I've managed to spend 2 nights there last year), I was turned down initially on the basis that I don't own the Mess. The council wanted proof that I paid council tax elsewhere; I provided proof that CILOCT had been paid, but was told that CILOCT is paid straight to central government rather than the council, so doesn't count! It seems a RN officer went to tribunal over the same thing and lost.

My house, incidentally, is in the lowest band, and costs me almost £1000/year.

So, it seems that CILOCT just goes straight to Thieving Gordon Broon. I suppose MoD pay something to the local council but it isn't straightforward.
Oh yes. its fair . Lets see in Germany I remember doing Fire duties - I thought CILOCT took this factor into account, is there still a MOD fire-service?. If so another con. what about refuse collection. In Germany you have to sort out all your trash. In other Euro countries you pay on top of your CILOCT for the bin men to take away your trash.

What else does CILOCT cover?.

How many serving away from the UK? multiply by 73 quid.


How many of us have done Garrison duties -cleaning up the cr*p others have left behind?.

CILOCT should cover this as well

To*s - another poor tax from our leaders. The SPAMS and other nations don't pay these home taxes when serving away. Only us.

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