Apols (i) if this has been done before and (ii) if it is tediously boring, but...... if "CILOCT" is a "contribution" in lieu of stumping up the full amount of Council Tax, does anyone have any idea what percentage of the full amount is actually paid and what "facilities" it does not pay for?

Me and the other half are in the fortunate position of having a private house and living in a married quarter, splitting our time (unevenly in favour of the quarter) between the two...but, as a consequence, we're being dicked for CILOCT both and full Council Tax.

Try as I might, we can't use two libraries, fill two bins and trip over two sets of paving stones at the same time, so I was looking for some info to support a submission for a reduction in my Council Tax...

Yeah - boring subject, I know....any contributions (sane of otherwise) will be gratefully received etc etc

Service families living in MOD housing in the UK should automatically receive a 50% reduction in council tax on their own property (if it is not rented out). A number of service families are concerned that they now have to pay 90% of council tax on their second homes, instead of the 50% as set down in legislation under the Statutory Instruments (downloadable from the links given below).

Statutory Instruments 2003
Statutory Instruments 2004
Statutory Instruments 2005
(please note that the second two links amend the first)

Families having problems obtaining this discount should show their local authority the Statutory Instruments, and if still unsuccessful should contact the AFF Housing Specialist, Rosie Brown, on 01980 847615 (email

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