CILOCT - Our very own stealth tax?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Whistleblower, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone explain how this charge is worked out? Having just moved from my own house back into a quarter (with much regret i must add) - i realize that i am paying far more per month now than i was. The houses are of similar size and although in different councils they are in the same county with almost identical rates. Add to this that the council will charge you for only 10 months of the year - while the Army takes it every one of twelve - and don't even start on the fact that i am only in the country for half the year anyway..........
    I also notice that quarter charges are much higher than last time i occupied one - probably something to do with the 17% increase in rent this year - anyone would think they don't want to provide housing at all...........

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. i pay nearly £400 less in council tax since i moved into my own house..................yippee :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited:
  4. Sir Dick

    Yes i can say 'Journo' and i can also say that i have been here at least a year and a half before you even turned up - and by the way - adding a few swear words to your little picture show doesn't stop people thinking you are a Lord of the Rings Geek. How old are you? Twelve? Grow up little boy (or girl).
  5. Can't help with your question but can clarify one point.

    The council tax charge is for all 12 months, the usual method of payment is 10 monthly instalments but this covers all 12 months of the year.
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    Just to point out one or two flaws in your post...

    1. Post counts are not everything! I would much prefer a user who posts relatively few, but quality, posts than one who posts hundreds of gash ones (that is not aimed at you, btw, just a general observation!)

    2. Username Whistle-blower? A referee, perhaps???? Which might explain why the "cr@ppy research" ;)

    Just some food for thought...

  9. Neatly sidestepping the insult fest that is building here, I'm equally hacked off about the CILOCT thing. Bad enough in the UK where one could, legitimately, suggest it was for the provision of services - waste collection, libraries, yada, yada, yada - but less so for those in BFG (do we pay the local Stadt for services?) and patently ridiculous when one lives out in the sticks in (Harrumph, not me of course) for example, a housing area within a UN protected area (Read ceasefire zone.) Is there a G1 guru present who can defend - no, lets be fair - explain, the CILOCT system?
  10. Sir Dae

    Having had a quick look at some of your previous posts - they all seem to resolve around homosexuality, walt websites and correcting other people's spelling - a particularly worrying combination - are you actually in the Army? I hope not..............

    To the other posters - thank you. I have the answer i needed -

    For those interested (the figures are out of date but the methodology is there.)
  11. Not at all, I have seen hundreds of civilians doing Garrison litter pick up and a few hundred doing guard /fire piquet duty.

    I know the Army does have its own libraries and when in Germany we don’t get screwed for NOT sorting out the trash – in many cases even the R.S.M – “what a WO1 has to be called in to sort out this type of problem”.

    Fair play – we get what we are paying for.
  12. 70-odd posts in two years still underwhelms me a little though. i agree with your sentiments Ghost, but i don't feel a user that makes such an outstanding number of posts in such a prolonged period can claim to be a more active user of the site than me.

    for the purpose of bettering myself, please ref me to my posts on homosexuality and 'all' my posts walt websites. if it's Group X you're referring to than i don't think one topic can, in any sense of the word, comprise 'all' my posts. as for the spelling, well, that's just due to the fact that i'm RE-EE-EE-EALLY condescending and patronising. ok, Mr. Whistleblower?

    as for 'am i in the army' than the answer is no, not yet. i'm currently going through the joining process and have been granted a shaded reference to give me a shot at joining the RLC as an AT. failing that, i'm going for the REME as an Armourer. regrettably my application is currently on hold while i'm investigated by Major Crimes Unit for (among other, more minor, things) possession of an offensive weapon, possession of an imitation firearm and making and possessing explosives. it's not something i'm proud of but sometimes thats just the way the sh!t hits the fan, right?
  13. CILOCT really comes into its own as a stealth tax when you own a house but live in service accommodation - you end up paying twice. I have a house which is not rented out; I only get to visit it rarely, but that's not the point. The local council give me a reduction for 'single occupancy', but when I applied for the additional discount for it not being my main residence, they refused. Pointing out that I live for most of the time in SLA fell upon deaf ears - 'bring us a bill to prove you pay Council Tax elsewhere' they said. So, I showed that I paid CILOCT. Still no good, and it's apparently already been to a tribunal. Although CILOCT is Contribution In Lieu Of Council Tax, it isn't paid to the local authority, but to central government, who then dib out bits to the local councils where there are service establishments. But because you pay it to Broon and not straight to the local authority, you lose out.

    Apparently, the rates are set centrally to ensure equanimity - so don't compare to local Council Tax rates.
  14. Sir Dae

    If (God Forbid) you join the Army and find yourself doing 3 six month tours in a 30 month period perhaps you will then begin to understand why i have only managed such a small number of posts - as for the rest of your post - i think people can make their own mind up on the kind of bloke you are - i certainly have, and i can tell you that you would last about 2 minutes in my own unit with your attitude and character. Thankfully for you i am not in the REME or RLC, but i can't imagine they will be that keen either.

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  15. Just as an add on, i hope he grows up a bit as well !!