CILOCT / Council Tax when doing weekend commute on Over 37 package

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. thinking of buying house (Derbyshire) & doing the weekend commute thing. as I understand the situation:

    1) wife and I get a 25% reduction on the council tax at the family home, because it's not my "main home". therefore single adult rate.

    2) as I'll be on the over 37 package, I won't even pay CILOCT for staying in the mess five days a week.

    so I'd be paying no council tax anywhere. is this an accurate interpretation of what happens? or does it vary from county to county? if so, what criteria do 'they' employ for deciding whether somewhere is your main home?
  2. Bad news I'm afraid ... Firstly - unles you are with 6 months of reaching 37 (either before or after 37th B/Day) or within 6 months of starting a new assignment then you have no entitlement to the 'Over 37 Package' - in accordance with the JSP 752. Also a SPR (Selected Place of Residence) is classed as your permenant home address for CT purposes - I tried the same thing a few years back whilst living in and commuting home at weekends and was given the 'go away' pill - but try as each County Council seems to have their own set of rules.
  3. As above,

    Not only will you have to pay Council Tax on your house, you will need to prove that you are paying in order to get GYH(P). We only got a reduction whilst we were living in a MQ and the house was empty. Once the wife moved in and I wnt to the Mess, it went up to the full rate.

    But if you are eligable to receive the over 37 package then you won't pay accommodation, CILCOT, and a reduced food charge (if not on PAYD).
  4. There is no reduced food charge any more - the days of Married Unaccommpanied rates of food charges went out a good while back ... if your are in a non PAYD unit you will pay the full DFC likewise if in a PAYD unit you will ay the full PAYD cost ..... sorry to be the bearer of bad news again !!!!
  5. I was on the over 37 package, wife in our own house, me in a hiring.

    I got paid a small fortune in GYH and my council tax was reduced as my own home was not my main residence.

    Which was nice.
  6. Contradiction in claims here!

    If your house was not your main residence you would not be entitled to GYH(P).

    You were very lucky to get away with it......if either the army or the council find out you could be in for a hefty what's your address? :)
  7. Having said that, I do recall a tick box on the back of the council tax form that was for "Spouse serving full time in the military".

    It's been 4 years since our situation changed for the council tax.....add that to my Alzheimer’s and it feel a very very long time ago!
  8. It was all above board guv.

    I spent on average, 4 days a month at my marital home in the north of the UK, the remainder at my barracks / hiring in the SW of England.

    The council tax reduction was okay'd by the nice* people from my home council.

    *When I wrote nice, I obviously meant *****.
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