Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by conco, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Once again I have been told that we as Service people pay our CILCOT at Whitehall rates to pay for the MOD buildings in the UK??????
    Has anyone else heard this?
    I just checked my mates German Rates and I will include water, bins and all the good stuff and it is approximately 430€ per year or in today’s conversion about £360 ish. We pay about £1200 for the same services in the same town!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll:
    Oh and I will not go down the route about how much a singly has to pay for his cell and having the bins emptied!
    Once again we are stiffed by our bosses in Whitehall!!!! :twisted:
  2. CILOCT is based on an average taken across the whole of the UK.

    Believe me you should be glad your not on Whitehall rates!

    For info my folks who live in Scotland pay 2K a year!

  3. Why not? Because you might look a little silly when you realise that a singlie pays an absolute pittance in CILOCT, and also doesn't pay any water, gas or electric. Also his 'cell' wil be paid for at an appropriate rate. That is very little or nothing for a crappy room going up for the newer en-suite accommodation. Please note this isn't me sticking up for soldiers having rubbish accommodation simply that ou generally pay for what what you get.
  4. Deleted due to double post.
  5. Conco,

    Think yourself lucky, I was in a singly when we had to pay poll tax.

    The same rate no matter what mansion you owned or 10' X 8' bed space.

    We had contracted waste disposal, our own sewerage plant, fire and police force.