Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by captin_thunderpants, May 13, 2007.

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  1. can anyone tell me why in a camp where all the quarters are inside the fence, pads pay £83 cilcot and singlies pay aroubd £3 pound a month.

    are;nt they getting the same council services as pads?, i.e bins emtied, street lights around the camp communal grassey areas cut.

    before anyone says it. No i was'nt bothered when i was a singly.
  2. So what would be your solution?

    If they made it £83 per person on camp would you be happier?

    That would then include of course £83 for each member of your family as well.
  3. maybe a complete bill for the council services provided to the camp, split between all adults on the camp (all working soldiers) this would probably meet about half way for pads and singies.

    as they are getting the same services already.
  4. All in here mate - seems fair to me :wink:
  5. so if the block looses a few people due to posting's or tours etc etc, shouldnt they remainder make up the rest then?

  6. Think we're flogging a dead horse now. Do you hate singlies?
  7. dont hate singlies at all. but i do hate counvil tax!!!

    especailly when in my opinion we are all getting the same service.

    if there were no quaters on camp, the council would still be collecting the rubbish, cutting the grass blah blah. and they would'nt be getting much back from just a few singlies, but i am glad singlies dont get stung for it.

    agree that it's a bit of a dead horse though
  8. if CILOCT is in lieu of council tax (thought that was community charge) then why do people serving overseas pads & singlies) pay it ?
  9. We paid it for 9 years in Germany , we are being posted to another part of UK and have been informed our cilcot is going UP by £200 a MONTH ???? WTF
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  11. She's posted it in at least 2 other threads as well.

    Can someone please give her the answer NOW!!!!!
  12. Then don't be a meany-give her the Sekret AGC Hotline number: she is but a simple seeker of The Truth.

  13. Ok snail no need to get your knickers in a twist I'm asking because I'm not getting answers from ANYWHERE it may not seem important to you but this has got me worried , how are we supposed to live when they take an extra £200 a month from his wages ? That's my food shopping for the month, so instead of being nasty try to help or is that beneath you ??? Oh sorry it can't be you're a snail only thing lower is a snakes tit
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  14. elovabloke

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    Stop multiple postings on the same subject.
  15. This is the "Serious Bit", so I'd advise you to stay civil.
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