Cilcot, single accomodation

Could anyone tell me the rates at all and what, if anything effects how much they deduct?

Hubby has been in Germany the past few months while I retained the quater in the uk, so we have been paying 2 lots of cilcot. His cilcot charge for living in the block is higher than the 3 bed quater this month. Clerk told him it was a refund when it clearly isnt.
Not sure if maybe they buggered it up the previous months so have now taken it as a oner but, the amounts have never been the same since he got to Germany so we have no way of working it out.

Would any courses he has been on effect how much cilcot they would deduct?

He should not be paying any Acomm fees or CILOCT as he is married unaccompanied. Should only be paying for food. Is he getting Seperation allowance???
Really, the money grabbing bastards lol. Yea he is getting some sort of seperation allowance altho they even managed to mess that up aswell. Thanks Dannyboy
CILOCT is a daily charge so the monthly charge will reflect the days in the month hence it will change. When he first arrived out there he may well have missed the pay run for that month hence the larger charge later on.

He needs to establish whether he is VOLSEP or INVOLSEP as this will change his status and charges. There is no Separation Allce any more but he may be getting LSA Level 1 in place of the old MUSA.
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