ciggies to a pipe.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jesusjones, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. along with the other lifestyle changes im about to implement ive thought about giving up the kegal Ring size and switching to a pipe , more people friendly and i like the concept, also looks quite distiguished,almost a hobby.

    any advice for starters, brand of baccy ? do you just have to find what you like, is there a degree in it yet ?

    are all pipes the same ?

    honest im not always wrecked,. just mostly
  2. 1. Start with a corn cob pipe - they are dirt cheap and they don't need to be broken in, so you won't spend the first week with a burnt tongue and if you decide it's not for you, it's not much money wasted. If you are moving on from there, try a Falcon - ugly as hell but a very good smoke and at about £25 not too pricey.

    2. For off-the-shelf newsagent tobaccos, the better they smell, the worst they taste so avoid the Clan and Holland House brigade.

    3. Something like St Bruno is a fairly good starting point, or if you have access to a decent pipe shop (unlikely they are as rare as hen's teeth) ask advice. Dunhill tobaccos are generally good starters - eg Early Morning Pipe.

    4. Buy plenty of pipe cleaners - burning tobacco produces water which collects in the stem and gurgles like a drain. Run a pipe cleaner down it to clear.

    Best of luck

  3. I tried smoking a pipe in the mistaken belief that I would be able to cut down on my Regal intake. Got a really expensive one from a tobbaconists in down town Fally.
    Every time I'd finish smoking it I had to have one of Regals finest to get my nicotine levels back to normal.
    Don't wear a decent T shirt whilst smoking a pipe,you'll soon find out why.
    I used to think it made me look cool calm and collected smoking a pipe, but apparentley I still looked a cnut. :(
  4. A very important point made here..

    We had a chap in HQNI who took up smoking a pipe in the mistaken belief that he would look distinguished, and that the assembled officers in the bar would think he was enigmatic and interesting. He didnt, and wasnt, he actually looked a right kunt.

    The people who suit pipe smoking are those who enjoy it, not those who want to project themselves in a certain way.

  5. I'd suggest getting a pipe that you feel comfortable with.

    My personal recommendation would be to try to find one with a metal insert in the end of the stem which acts as a tar trap, it is a little messier to clean, but it will cut down the bitter tar-water (combustion product)that forms and can be drawn up into the mouth.

    I agree about the pipe cleaners and I would suggest a cheap pipe reamer or smoker's knife to clean the bowl and any blockages (whick can form between bowl and stem when the pipe is left too long between leanings).

    As for tobacco, I'd start with a light (pale) tobacco, a Cavandish of some sort - at first, avoid the heavily perfumed , dark or marinated tobaccos until you get used to the pipe. Ideally, if you can find a speciallist tobacconist, seek advice, if you can find one who carries loose tobacco, don't be afraid to experiment and to mix-and-match.

    I would advise you to get a jar with a screw top (ideally the kind sold for biscuits or used to be used by sweet-shops, for loose sweets), but a washed out pickle jar will do for a start. This jar is for the tobacco, either loose (or, at a pinch, still in its pouch), add a couple of slices of apple to the jar*, this will help keep the tobacco moist.

    One extra piece of advice, keep practicing packing the pipe, you want it packed tight enough that the tobacco doesn't fall or get knocked out easily if the pipe is dropped onto, say a table, but it must be packed loose enough that it can 'draw' comfortably, without too much effort. Packing is one of the real arts of pipe smoking as it controls the length and quality of the 'smoking experience'.

    Any help?

    (former long term pipe smoker)

    * You can use potato, but apple is more aromatic.
  6. It takes a little time and patience, but try to persevere. It took me a few years to finally settle on my preferred pipe and brand of tobacco. Don't be afraid to try a range of pipes and flavours. I have a number of pipes for both work and relaxation - mainly Falcon, as I have been known to go through bowls at a rate of knots, and my favourite tobacco is Macklintock's Black Cherry. Take time to keep your bowls and stems clean.

    If you want to do some research online, I can thoroughly recommend you look at UK Tobacco. They have some very useful advice here; Tobacco Guide and the Duckworths provide a fast, efficient service if you don't have a local supply.

    Don't worry about the 'image' - do it because you enjoy it.
  7. Stop smoking FFS, it's piss easy. All you do is don't buy the ciggies and don't put them in your mouth.

    Then a couple of weeks after you've stopped, have a ride around your local town and take a look at the mongs gathering outside your local pubs for a fag. Don't they all just look like the dregs mate... and become a right self righteous, sanctimonious git like me.

    Oh, and the best looking babes... don't smoke.

    And don't use patches, gum - go cold turkey... much more fun.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Regarding pipes, Falcons are among the most hard-wearing of all types, but Petersen are one of the most aesthetically pleasing. I favour a curved stem, as a straight stem tends to make one look like an extra from a 1950's film.

    For tobacco, I favour Erinmore Mixture. It is a cool and pleasant smoke, and apparently it smells nice. It's also a ready rubbed, and saves all sorts of problems that arise with flaked etc.

    Go for it. A pipe is not so much a smoke, more a way of life.

    I'd recomend these guys if your located ( or can go to) one of their shops they have some very knowlegabe people who can help you get started. I'd recommend comfort of Bath as a starter pipe tabbaco as it smells very nice!

    By the way I'm not some werido women pipe smoker, my grandad and dad both smoked pipes so have spent many years around pipes yucky smelling tabaco and the such like

  10. Will you be buying a smoking jacket to go with your pipe? Cigars and pipes at least have a nice aroma unlike the stench of fags. My dad worked for a chap who smoked cigars and I fondly remember the aroma throughout our house once he had left. I'm sure the ladies will go for whatever you choose though you might be a bit too old to 'swing it'!
  11. Peterson straight stem every time. Condor Long Cut is a strong but bert cool tobacco.
  12. Well that beats another patrol pack thread!
  13. I have a pipe tool (that's what I call it, I forget what it's proper name is. A temper maybe?) too aid with packing a bowl and removing some of the carbon.

    Edited to add: There used to be something called the Pipe Smoker of the Year award, winners including people like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Stephen Fry etc, but it was stopped under anti tobbaco promoting lesgislation :x
  14. I still remember my first pipe, cherry tobacco, one long draw on the pipe followed by 30 minutes of being unable to breath!

  15. I seem to remember a girl in Amsterdam who smoked a pipe through her front bottom.Very clever and quite artistic.