Ciggie sh1t

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. An AK in every household. I wish local government had had ideas like that. Rock on Muammar.
  2. really? so even special types like you can have one?

    i wouldn't trust you with an automatic washing machine, never mind an Avtomat Kalashnikova
  3. hmmm the prospect of being able to blow foxy woxy away from the bins with a burst of 7.62 is tempting.

    The Swiss must be pissed off that hes nabbed their idea.
  4. My apologies.

    I have a fox that rummages through the bins and howls at around 3 am and it gets pretty annoying.Hence the temptation to inflict some grevious harm on the little gwar bastard. Which if LG was handing out assault rifles like candy then it would be much easier to take revenge for the sleepless nights. ( Yes im joking)

    The Swiss must be pissed off that Gaddaffi has stoled their idea about arming every civilian in sight with an assault rifle. That if the Swiss have the capacity to get annoyed with another country.
  5. You don't need a gun, poisioned meat does the trick, it will also clear up roaming pet cats and the odd neighbourhood dog that strays into your garden. Works a treat.
  6. Or just go out and kick the fuck out of it, its not a fucking Lion after all.
  7. They did get quit upset in East Stoke as I seem to remember,
  8. c o c k

    c o c k
  9. Cardiff is indeed a lovely city very clean some lovely parks and you get to watch sales assistants getting twatted by pensioners in Tesco and Lidl's
  10. Dear Ciggie

    Please kill yourself slowly and on video


  11. True but I think a yoot running around the street at 3am shouting " come here you ginger bastward so I can stomp your head" is going to get me fastracked to the west midlands ASBO of the year award

    mind you I suppose sticking a kalashnikov out of the window would have pretty much the same ASBO ramifications enforced by the local AFO's. But at least then I could try to shift the blame to my mother.
  12. Pity you didn't say I was in the "Qld Arcade" last night with Opera Bird, then went for a meal in the old Brewery quarter'

    And the Swiss Did invade the UK at least 2000 Swiss mercenaries did led by Martin Swartz they were butchered to a man in June 1487
  13. You really are a class A cunt.
  14. *ignores usual ciggie shite and turns attention to jvb*

    You live with your mum!

  15. You live with your mum.