Ciggie being a tool (again)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. .......never to listen to Radio 2. Can't think why, I met Terry Wogan through that and no matter what anyone says, he gives better head than any other Welshman. Would he lie ?
  2. Wogan is the devil personified with a hypnotic voice!
  3. No, no : lips, bless my impish dick.....
  4. BTW, an exceelent quote :

    "When you look at the world through the bottom of an empty glass, may you see someone ready to buy."

    ...however, may I vary it ? may you not see the missus coming at you with a bit of wood and a teatowel ?
  5. My mother told me that I was an ugly little fucker. I grew up to be an ugly big fucker.
  6. Feck, my mother told me never talk to strangers. My internet use has always been wrong.....and who the fuck are you anyway ? Yer car's not big enough, and feck that, it's not coke.
  7. You may vary it if you wish but your new version doesn't work for me because I am 'a missus' and those wouldn't be my weapons of choice. A hockey stick to the skull usually does it for me lol.

    I'm far too drunk right now to comprehend this thread ... terry wogan giving head wtf? haha
  8. My Mother Told Me When I Was Born, that I is Speshul.................
  9. Brush your teeth, boy. She was always ahead of her time, that woman.
  10. That I arrived just in time for last orders and impressed my Father. Haven't been able too since the miserable old sod.
  11. I imagine when I was born the first thing my mother said was probably "shut the fuck up and stop bawling your eyes out have a bit of respect you little shit" as our next door neighbour died at near enough the same time as I was born (within less than 5mins of each other) and in the room next door in the hospital n all!
  12. Hopefully it'll awake with the 'been drinking and posting' trepidation.
  13. I haven`t been able to touch a drink for a week. Ciggies posts were starting to make sense. Scary.
  14. Fcuck me, that ciggies is a boring cnut. No wonder he drinks alone and seeks the internet for friends on a Friday night. How has he not got an O2 tag yet?
  15. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ciggie, fcuk off with these shite thread starters you waste of skin