CICA payout for 3yo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by General_Layabout, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Something doesn't ring right here, car jacks are not light, could a 3 yo have the required strength to swing one 11 times?

    Also where did the mother get the idea to claim off the CICA, it's not the first thing that would spring to mind.

    I'm not suggesting that nothing happened, just wondering about the details.
  2. As one who will soon probably be putting in a claim to CICA it looks like a bizarre and complexingly confusing system, especially when one can take it to a tribunal

    up to £27k for a head injury from CICA due to a non-criminal act? Did the child suffer any lasting injuries, other than the "potential" psychological damage?

    I can not understand why the CRIMINAL Injuries Compensation is paying this. If anything it would surely be a civil action against the attacker or their family?
  3. Christ! I might try my luck and submit a claim for 2001 :D
  4. Bizarre, but that's the compensation culture isn't it? As soon as anything happens these days, people think 'how much can I get out of this?'.

    It seems like a very odd story to me.
  5. Having seen the photo of the kid - I think he may be damaged. He looks a bit fcuked up to me. Why is he staring in two directions at once?

    More worryingly - the other kid. If he did this he is both superhumanly strong and subhumanly violent. Sounds like a barrel of laughs. I wonder if Rooney started out this way?
  6. Goven the age of criminal responsibility is 10, and no one was charged over it, I still fail to see why the money is coming from CICA coffers.

    Surely there is some form of negligence (not necessarily criminal, but enough to sue) on the part of whoever left these two out to play around a Jack. Given the where-there's-a-blame-there's-a-claim culture, I'm surprised this didn't happen instead.
  7. I was just listening to this on the BBC2 J-Vine show. To me it sounds like this woman just wants Money.

    She couldn't really put up any reasonable reason for compensation other than for personal gain. When asked if she has sought recompense from the other childs parents she just said no. If the other childs parents can't be held to account, why the fcuk should the state give her money..?
  8. When I first read this my first thought was - "Where were the parents while this was happening? Why were 2 three year olds left in the car alone?" Surely if the he was in his Mothers care then questions should be asked?
  9. My thouoghts exactly, surely the mother should be done for neglect? Maybe the other mother can put in a claim for hurt feelings and child abuse?
  10. Agreed entirely!!..and what was a jack doing unsecured in reach of a 3 year old anyway..
  11. Probably find that the attacker's family aren't wealthy enough to guarantee a big payout.
  12. I heard on the radio that the other kid hit him 11 times while in the car. Didn't the mother think about pulling over and taking the car jack off the little twat or could she just see pound signs for every dent in her kids head.
  13. You know what? This is just music to the governments ears as they will be able to use it as justification for CRB Checks and the Official registration of child minders. i.e., the two Female Police Officers who used to look after each others kids.
  14. Apparently the two families were going somewhere so this kid got in the other families car with his "friend". On the way they stopped and the adults left the two kids alone in the car, (no reason given).
  15. Any "compensation" payed should be put in a trust fund until the kid is 18 in order that his chav mong mother doesnt spend it on fags and WKD.