Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OldGrumpy, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi has anybody just completed CIC..?

    Got back Friday, bloody cold... any comments on the course?

  2. Do tell.
  3. Did you pass? that's f*cking good going for a 40 yr old, well done.
  4. hey mate... now 41...

    the course was good..

    did the WHT and 1.5 mile run... my PB...

    very very cold.. got snowed in one day which was nice... a bit of beasting.. plenty of crawling on the ice etc...

    92 started, 60 finished of which 4 failed...

    no map reading, cbrn and not actual phyis lessons...

    had a good laugh, training staff were most of the time approachable however one or two had their heads up their arses... but hey ho... feels good to be back at home..

    A big plus.. lost weight and wife now says that I've lost too much and look as though I've been ill... BUT I can see my 6 pack..

    anyway... there you go CIC in a few lines...

  5. You've got to feel sorry for the guys that stick it till the end and get told they failed. Well a lil' bit. :D
  6. 41? Respect! :clap:
  7. Did you go to Harry's bar?

    Seriously, you should be proud, it's not an easy course! What did the four fail on? Take it most of the drop outs were due to physical fitness issues?
  8. Well done young man ! 8)
  9. you are all tooo kind...

    the guys who failed... 1 due to injury and was pulled out of field exercise..
    2 due to no up to standard..
    1 due to 2 ND's.. guy was an absolute muppett.. he failed once before..

    a lot of the guys who left were due due to sickies.. the first 3 days were a bit of a nightmare... but the course mellowed after...

    one lad twisted his ankle on the BFT warm up... did the run and then found out he had broken his ankle...he was a good lad and will return in March..

    there were 5 ND's in or platoon... no live.. blanks and on the DCT...

    and no we did'nt get to Harry's bar. We were at Wathgill, a complete dry course and did'nt get to leave camp. Our 1/2 day R&R was spent packing for field exercise... but, the food was very good... Chef did a curry night before the field exercise... luckily the compo bunged me up...

    Been in fridge since I got back so no doubt I'll be sporting my party pack again soon...

  10. Ah CIC mine was in December too but at vimy so we got the chance to drink in fact we got to drink a lot it was the first time i swamped the bed since childhood happy memories :D
  11. OldGrumpy, I was there mate.. for about 2 days. I slipped a disc during the 4 miler.

    Might have been in your section - With Dods and Drury?

    Just hope I can make the next CIC in march - Doc has given me about 8 weeks sick in total. Then its a case of getting fit again... which will probably leave me with just about a month to do so!
  12. Ypres or Chindit...?

    sorry to hear you were sent home... there were a hell of a lot of injuries..
  13. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    It certainly was bloody cold, I still can't feel the tips of my fingers or my toes.

    One lad was rtu'd with 1 day to go because he complained he couldn't feel his feet. Noone I talked to could feel their feet that morning.

    There was a big difference in the way the two platoons were treated, Chindits like animals for the most part. I got the distinct impression that our NCOs as a whole just didn't want to be there. Saying that there were a handful of mongs who didn't help.

    The food at the Wathgill mess was certainly the highlight. Sitting on sheet ice at the ranges for 2 days with about 20 mins firing in total whilst people took 7 or 8 attempts at passing the various ranges on their apwt was probably the lowlight. It was -4C on the day we did our first section attacks, seemed like one of the warmer days to me...
  14. You have a mild cold weather injury; see your GP *and* MO soonest.
  15. It was the same on my CIC, I wondered if they were doing some sort of experiment. :D

    I was in the platoon that got ragged to f*ck, we nearly lost the whole platoon through drop outs, on the final ex no-one was getting any sleep because of the amount of stagging on due to drop outs. Every day we got beasted for something.

    Whilst the other platoon's staff were chilled as f*ck and only beasted them once.

    There was other little silly things as well, we would get to a water stop and there was none left cos the other platoon had it all (only one jerry can) and the other platoon would stop for scoff and a brew in between lessons whilst we had to patrol to the next round robbin.

    There were lots of good and fit blokes that you would have bet your mortgage on passing who dropped out.

    Well done those who passed, see you on ops soon lol.