Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by guest111, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. hi all erm just wondering if anyone has resently completed the ta cic at catterick. i just want to get a heads up on what people thought about it to get ready for when im due for it. was it fun, tough, rewarding. were there any mongs on the course. i have heard some stories about the cic and how difficult it was so im shitting it really thanks.
  2. Just left the TA and did the course not so long back. This is coming from an ex reg perspective so bare that in mind.

    Its not hard, simple. The only thing that is hard is getting over the fact you are away for longer than a weekend. Its only two weeks and it flys by.

    Fun, yes but admittedly I had a different relationship with the DS than most on the course. Loads of Pyro, blank and crawling about if you like that sort of thing.

    Not really tough, just ensure your admin is squared away for the second week otherwise its a miserable cold wet experience.

    Rewarding, yeah I suppose so. Although as an ex reg the pass off parade wasnt the highlight of my life.

    Mongs - FCUK LOADS OF THEM! 3 bods were sent home on the first night (arrival day) for failing a WHT a hundred times in a row. Mouth shut ears open, easy peasy. Bods jacked daily on the final ex and people were dropping like flies.

    Dont listen to people telling fairy tales, just make sure you are PFT/CFT fit and you will breeze it.
  3. thanks thats all i needed to no. thanks yer we got some ex reg boys who have joined the unit and said the same thing as you. someone in my unit told me about when he was on his final exercise in the winter time and he said everyone was dropping from the cold or some reason or another. cheers.
  4. Yeah I did mine in december and it was like a monsoon on the tab in to the harbour area, one lad in my section sat down on his bergan and monged it while we were getting warm kit on/brew on/poncho up etc.

    Next thing I know he is staggering all over the gaff muttering all sorts and proper going down - so the first one was binned on the first night. Then people just jacked, the minibus turned up every morning and anyone that wanted to hop aboard was welcome to!

    Just keep your kit dry and keep smiling. Its nothing hard trust me.

    Any other dramas pal PM me.
  5. 12 years after i joined the TA i still think my CiC was the most enjoyable courses ive been on.

    I had an "altercation" with my Section Commander on my 4th day when he was a little too physical with me and i responded in kind 8) He tried to make my life hell for much of the remaining part of the course. what he unintentionally did in my case was make me even more determined to finish and finish well. at the end of course pissup he sought me out and shook my hand and asked why i wasnt going for the regs instead of TA. his way of complimenting me

    i couldnt believe the number of people who were totally unprepared for the course both mentally and physically.

    i remember one lad who didnt even unpack and sat there persuading us that he was right to jack it there and then. he failed himself mentally as he allowed his vague fears to dominate him. he actually had nothing to be afraid of. he was the only one in my section who jacked. every day there were fewer and fewer as the lazy and lame fell by the wayside. Look after yourself and you should be ok.

    physically it seemed to be demanding at the time but as long as you have made some effort you should be ok. we had loads of fat knackers who failed to perform every time any physical effort was required. my section were all up an hour earlier every morning going for a run and it paid off.

    the DS are not there to fail you unless you are a total mong and a danger to everyone around you. you will be able at any time to RTU yourself and it is the easy option to quit when it gets tough. However the course isnt a beasting course and the DS wont be deliberately setting out to make you drop out.

    its only 2 weeks and the clock is ticking from the moment you get there. Do what your told, do it when your told to and NEVER leave it til tomorrow if you have time to do it today.

    focus on the end goal and keep plugging away. the only person who can fail you is you.

    Finally if you cant deal with the pressures of CiC then the military may not be for you. imagine the pressures you will face in Afghanistan
  6. I've got mine at the end of November.

    It'll be cold but I'm quite looking forward to it. A bit of fun in the snow hopefully (snow that is).
    Hopefully I'll be retaking and passing my main board in January or so, so it should help in getting my head into the mind frame.

    Could someone enlighten me to a couple of things though.

    I have seen a teflon coated metal mug you can use with the hexy. I assume having something like that (to save a bit of time in the morning) is a definite no no (gucci kit?).
    I have also been advised by some guys who completed CIC in January/February to get a snugpak elite jacket.
    I was wondering if having extra bits of kit are allowed. I thought the idea of CIC was to get you used to living with issued kit and as such I wouldn't want to rock the boat too much (hence the question regarding the mug).

  7. You'll probably get away with a Snugpak and a mug, they just don't want gucci webbing and daysacks, they also got a bit funny about non-issue boots when I was there. From all I've heard it differs course to course, my advice would be take it and see what they say/notice.
  8. Many thanks for the info.

    I've never had a problem with the issue boots (decent insoles may a lot of difference, especially £30 orthotic ones), and the webbing and daysack haven't ever been a drama for me.

    If in doubt when I've actually bought the above items, I'll take them with me and if I get a bollocking, I'll put them away and break out the issue stuff.
  9. Have a read of this previous thread

    As has been mentioned before, it does seem to vary from course to course, instructor to instructor. However, I do think if you will find it genuinely useful or helpful to you then take it just in case.

    Have fun on CIC, it can get hard at times but take it all on the chin and just go with it. As somebody else said, make sure you are PFT and CFT fit and you should be fine. The only fitness advice that I could add on to that is do some hillwork if you don't already. Some of the guys on the CIC I was on got quite a shock of the the first CFT around Catterick grounds...
  10. Thanks for the info guys been a help. My pft was 9:26 so I'm confident in my pft, I'm comfortable with the cft we did which was first a 4 mile then 6. The thing is with the cft is once you've done the first mile or 2 you get a bit used to it. to be onest even tho I can do the cfts I do hate them that's why I try and battle to the front of the group I find it easier. Any more tips what did the First week consist of
  11. I enjoyed CIC too, it was in March and was snowed out completely. Sorted the mongs from the boys... First week consists of bullshit & ranges, second week is field week, both are good craic. I even managed to pick up a trophy out of it (R.I.P Sgt Matthews).
  12. It's funny seems like it snows up catterick most courses. I think catterick is the sort of place that never has the sun shine upon it even during a heat wave catterick will still be a dark cold shithole
  13. That sums up most Army training areas, to be honest
  14. Don't buy the teflon one, it's as well-made as a Somalian pacemaker and the teflon will flake off after a while. Stick with stainless steel; it's not that hard to clean and all you're doing is making brews or boiling water in it.

    Regarding kit, take it and see. You could just ask the DS what the policy is.

  15. Cheers for the info.

    Will do regarding DS. Haven't had a chance to speak regarding CIC as only just been confirmed and given joining instructions.