CIC this Friday...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Monaro, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. To say I'm worried is an understatement... not only am I the only one from my battalion going, but I'm the first one (I think) to go from our new unit that was formed a couple of months ago. So all eyes on me... 8O

    I've heard it's basic training for just over a week, then 5 days and 4 nights in the field. True?

    And anyone got any general advice?

    Thanks - Monny
  2. Yeah, head down mouth shut eyes and ears open, soldier on :D . Mouth open head up and eyes and ears for decoration, sad, nearly made it soldier :x .
    Thats just advice from a former Training NCO :D

    PS, quick edit, forgot to say good luck :roll:

  3. Everyone gets nervous, even if it's just a tad. Just go there switched on, head down, work hard, listen, learn and do what your told....

    And make sure the first thing you pack is a good sense of humour...

    Have a good'un kid...
  4. Monaro,

    How did you find your pre CIC training at your local RTC???

    Remember to just keep your head/chin up and dont let them break you.

    Good Luck
  5. I didn't get any pre-cic training... :( (apart from a 2 hour skill-at-arms revision session)

    Thanks everyone. Had the final word from the PSI yesterday and picked up my MOD 90 and other papers... now to get through 2 weeks of hell and hope I return with my stable belt on :shaking:
  6. i did the june one mate was a scortcher

    good luck with it

    if the instructors are the same i hope you are in SGT [MOD edit: No names you muppet] platoon he is the best instructor there and on the last cycle we were the best platoon
  7. Well, I was informed yesterday by my PSAO that an admin f**k-up miss lead my unit into thinking the course was at Catterick.

    It was actually in Inverness, Scotland and I'm now not going...

    Looks like the current set of recruits that have only just passed RT stage are going to become senior to me this September because I can't go on that (fully booked).

    Lovely :(
  8. Don't worry about going to CIC. Get as much experience as you can before you go. I think to actually do well at CIC you need to spend at least 10 weekends training along with the numerous weeknights. When you go to CIC you're supposed to be as good as a regular soldier, that means learning everything they learn in 6 months. I passed CIC after only 5 weekends and the weeknights to go along with it. No way was I ready for it and it showed in my performance.

    Now I'm in Iraq with a regular batallion I try to keep a low profile about being TA. This is because of others who know nothing about real soldiering, yet act like they're the dogs gonads.
  9. To do well at CIC you need to work hard, listen and learn. When I done it you only done what you'd learnt in phase one but away with the reg's, and to make the lessons and tests even more simple was the fact that they taught you all over again then tested you...only a real mong could fail to be honest. If I remeber correctly I, and the other guys from my phase one who went only done about 5 weekends before we went as did just as good as the lad who got best recruit. You need to get on CIC as soon as to get "in" and training properly with your COY cause thats when the real soldering starts...sucking eggs weekend after weekend as a recruit stuck on phase one is not what it's about.

    No your not, your expected to have the basic knowledge and your expected to be of the same standard as a regular recruit who's passed phase one, not a fully trained reguilar soldier because that would be absolutely impossible.....I mean, you have only completed pahse one training before going to CIC...
  10. How can I say this politely.... you're talking out of your bottom. It's people like you who give the TA a bad name. CIC is supposed to be a recap of everything you learnt in phase one. I know a large proportion of people failed the last few CICs because the standard required has increased to reflect the fact that it's almost certain you'll get mobilised at some point in the future.

    Once people have finished CIC they can then be mobilised. I would hate to have some mong with me who's only done a few weekends and then a two week course that they couldn't fail. I know of one guy who was with me at Chilwell in February who'd just finished his CIC. Even with three years behind me I was nowhere near the same standard as the regular soldiers, I knew nothing about the Minimi, UGL, Bowman, Snatch, Browning, Prisoner Detention etc etc. I can only wonder about the problems he'll have.

    If someone wants to go straight to CIC and scrape a pass there's nothing that can stop them, if however they get to batallion and can't keep up with the others (as happened to one of our guys) they'll end up doing rear party in a camp in the middle of nowhere while the other guys kick in the front doors of insurgents with the regs.
  11. How can I say this politely...fcuk off and do abit. Name one part in which I'm totaly wrong and talking out of my "bottom" Mr Cringe Worthy posts. You actualy agree with me
    So what part is it? the work hard, head down and learn bit? Or the take everything in and you'll pass part? Or maybe it's your bit about TA chaps being as good as Regulars after Phase One training....ahhh, were getting somewhere.

    So what are you telling me for? Since Telic 1 it's been obvious standards will have to rise to bring the TA up another gear. That has nothing to do with how to pass the course and my reasoning for putting yourself in good shape to do so. If we all thought like you, lads would be becoming static, doing a million phase one weekends, sucking eggs and not progressing, getting in with their COY's and learning new topics such as various weapons, Public Order and about different vehicles available to them. Most of it you don't meet until you get your papers anyway, which is what your training prior deployment is set out for, to get you used to it, or to recap.

    Tell us something we don't know....

    But he wouldn't have would he? He would have done phase one prior to completing the same CIC you did, yes, the one you can fail. So is every TA bod a mong to you? And trust me lad, YOU WERE that mong in your company at some stage either when you got called up and first met the regulars or when you first started training with the lads in your unit, so lets not kid ourselves into thinking three years makes you a veteran.

    Has nobody been telling you you've joined the TA yet? A part time organisation were you won't be up to the same speed as a regular bod, nor will you ever be unless you actualy join the reg's, and practise and work in the regular enviroment day in day out. As for that guys problems, they'll more than likely be the same as yours, except they're not problems, they're new experiences which you'll soon learn about...Sort of brings my theory of learning more with your company into play. But seen as though it's reg this and reg that, why not just fcuk off and join the reg's....

    I can see some cringes already on the faces of fellow Arrser's. Do you want us to wear black kit with MP5's too? Straight to CIC? from where like? Straight from drawing your fresh new shiny kit from stores? Theres no going straight to anywhere, including deployments. People always fall behind for various reasons, Injuries or Fizz being the main two..The TA's fault? I highly doubt those million Phase One weekends would make a huge difference either....We'd still be walking round thinking we're the dogs gonads whilst your the only chappie who knows anything about soldiering anyway....

    I've just had to change me skiddies through laughter, I honestly did mate. Lets see Rambo....Kicking down doors of insurgents, talking about fallen commerades in Iraq, being in the sh!t, mentioning I'm in Iraq in almost every post and other such boll0x from you in your 50 odd posts. Then it hit me, your right, your absolutely fcukin spot on fella, advising others, not saying a word about his experiences, keeping his head down to the level of reality, and not sounding like an Andy McNab novel is giving the TA a bad name....I must change my ways and act totaly opposite like your good self.....Seen anymore traumatic stuff?

    Fcuk me where's that oxygen thief sign?