CIC (TA) Bonest course ever?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dandanthechainsawman, May 12, 2011.

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  1. After hearing it being billed as 'arduous' I was disappointed. Did anyone else find it ******* boring and pointless?
  2. Can you help us out with a bit more detail on where it was lacking?
  3. It doesn't teach any useful skills or knowledge, the phys was gay and the standard of people that passed was dismal. They were turning out newly-minted infantry privates over the age of 40 ffs. What use are they going to be to the army?
  4. So your problem is more with the age of your peers?
  5. Ref my bold - did you pass? ;-)

    And what is 'gay phys'? Did they have you dry bumming eachother on circuit reps and bench-pressing 5A's cock?
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  6. Not as much use as an awesome super-soldier like yourself.

    If you didn't like it, you should have handed in your uniform and walked out. Did you really think it'd be like a mixture of SAS Selection and an episode of The Krypton Factor or something?

    Nice thread, throbber.
  7. Possibly as much or if not more than you. Just because someone is over 40 doesn't mean they are somehow useless.
  8. Am curious isn't there a age limit for TA Infantry, If so why shouldn't a maturer recruit do any different from a young buck.
  9. If CIC was too GAY for you then you can go for something more challenging like 4para 23/21 sas or evan r.m.r or you could count your self lucky that you found it easy. Good luck at your unit they must think your a winner.
  10. A lot of the older guys want it more and work really hard and pass out as bloody good soldiers.
  11. Oh dear am 46, however will I manage RTMC this week?
  12. With lots of cod liver oil and werthers original? ;)
  13. I can't beieve that no ones called WAH!!!
  14. Young pup!
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  15. Get your knees brown first sonny.