CIC Starting November 30th - Whos going, and what to expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hedphelym, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. I understand that questions about CIC probably come up quite regularly, and when asked most people get prompted to seach the forums.
    Well, I've searched the forums and spent a good while looking and found some topics about CIC - but my problem is the information I find seems to be inconsistent, and people say a completley different thing from post to post. So I've ended up being more confuddled than when I started.
    I understand people have done CIC at different times, so I'm not complaining about that - It's just my justification for asking some questions on CIC that might have been asked dozens of times before.

    Basically, very recently completed Phase One, and I saw there are 2 dates for CIC coming up - November the 30th and March 2009. My initial thought was to go for March 2009, as I believe that I can always be fitter than I am, and I'd like to use the time to be at least as physically prepared as I can.
    But now been told that my Unit is putting me on the November CIC, and I'm doing some pre-CIC training this weekend.

    So in essence, mainly what I need to know is what is required of me fitness wise? My best 1.5 miler is 10:04 - But seen people talk about needing anything from 13 mins or less to a sub 9 minute run time for CIC.
    I'm not looking to coast through it here and I'm not just wanting to know the times so I can limit myself to them (I've not joined the TA to be a lazy cnut!) - It's just a run time of 8:30 seems like it's not going to happen in the 4 weeks I have left to train.

    Also, I'm hardly aware of what the training at CIC involves? For instance, I don't know if it is where us infantry types can be trained in other weapons and such - or whether is focuses on tactics and range work.

    Basically, I know f**k all about it and any information I try and find seems to be turned on its head by the next thing I read, so any help would be really appreciated :)

  2. Syllabus for the TA CIC here: (PDF file).

    As for fitness, infantry soldiering's hard work. Yes 13 minutes is the headline figure, but you'll struggle. As always, fitter is better.
  3. Hedphelym, dunno whether you'll get to see this as I don't know when your CIC starts, but I'll add my experience to usmarox's TA CIC Syllabus:

    Day 1: joining admin (i.e. paperwork), then WHT, followed by 1.5m run. Then taken to accomodation and given a brief on the need to listen to instructors, carry out instructions quickly etc (this talk involved "press up position, DOWN" being said quite often).

    Note: 1.5m run - aim for better than 10 and a half minutes. We didn't do press-ups or sit-ups but I've heard that people on other course dates did.

    Day 2: 4mile CFT (note: this is before the CFT distance changed).

    Rest of the first week: relatively easy. As per the syllabus, we went up to the ranges (near Newcastle airport, which meant you get plenty of time for sleep on the coach), used the indoor trainer, did APWT and did a day where we threw dummy grenades and a bit of land nav. We didn't do CBRN at all.

    Fri/Sat: introductory field exercise, an opportunity for the DS to see how good your fieldwork is. Take everything have been told to take and ensure that you waterproof everything adequately.

    Sun: land nav test in the morning (I say test, but let's just say that test conditions were not rigorously enforced). Chance to head out of camp and buy kit in the afternoon in advance of the TACEX.

    Week 2: TACEX (Tactical Exercise) - 4 days/night - make sure you use the downtime on Sunday to pack your kit, buy whatever kit you realised you should have from the kit shops the day before. TACEX was good, but people were counting down the days - lot's of day/night patrols, an ambush and extraction. Final platoon attack - good fun!

    Friday: 6m CFT (again, note this was before the distance was recently extended). Plt Cmdr interview, told whether you are passed.

    Saturday: falling out parade. Prizes given out, horror bags distributed and then jump on coaches planning never to return to Catterick again (while at the same time suspecting that you will be back in a year on PJNCOs).

    CIC is a good experience - you get your bad parts (cold, wet) and your good parts (when people start bonding, etc). Personally I found the Regular DS much more straightforward to deal with - they aren't like the TA DS on recruit weekends, many of whom give the impression that they are looking for opportunities to f*ck everyone around (note to any TA DS: I see now that you had to do that because you only had us for a total of 18 or so days over a 5mth or so period). The Reg DS will beast you if they had a good reason to but, in the main, they are reasonable and have a sense of humour.

    Some things to note:
    1) You stay at Wathgill Camp which seemed to be accomodating TA personnel only (there were guys from 4para and other people from various OTCs)
    2) There is a NAAFI serving cheap fast food - make sure you take some money, around £100.
    3) Make sure you have some money saved in your bank acct for the trip to the kit store outside the camp - this is your opportunity to stock up on proper (i.e. not Tesco's) sealable plastic bags, shemaghs, boots, buffalos, etc before the 4 day field ex starts the next day.
    4) Work on your fitness - it's not just about doing the 1.5m; the DS go on a lot about being 'robust' - you don't want to be breathing out your arse on field ex.
  4. Hi Mate

    How long ago did you do CIC?

  5. You'll be fine fitness wise if you're doing a 1.5 mile run in 10 minutes.

    I can't stress enough the need to just stick it and not give up, apart from one failure on a WHT (so make sure you know your drills before you go) everyone who failed on my CIC went home by choice.

    It's just a bit of hard work for two weeks.
  6. OldGrumpy, did my CIC in Dec'07.
  7. Thanks

    Hoping to do mine end of November...

  8. Funnily enough, I will be up there the same time (doing PJNCOs)!

    All I would say is make sure your kit is ready (i.e. everything on the kit list, have some money in your bank account as you should have an opportunity on the second weekend to visit the local kit shops) and make sure your fitness is up to PFT/CFT standard.

    Enjoy it, get into the spirit of things when you are there and I'm sure you'll do fine.
  9. Well done on that account something to give my guys, I know its a little out of date now but the best CIC Post Report I have read or heard.

    Just a word of warning the last and next CIC finish on a FRIDAY make sure your unit is aware so the Transport is booked mine wasn't when we sent the last lot up and got a call lunch time friday from a Pte asking when he was being picked up....
  10. Here are the differences I found on the Mar/Apr 08 CIC:

    I don't remember the up/down crap, but then again I probably banished it far from my mind. We also didn't to the press-ups or sit-ups.

    I believe this is still 4 miles at the start and then 6/8 at the end.

    We went to ranges about half hour max from Wathgill Camp. No grenades or land nav for us. Also no CBRN.

    Exactly the same, this is mainly a teaching element, whereas the main ex is an assessment phase.

    Notional day off. No land nav test for us and some got to go to town but not all. Plt Sgt conducted Admin in the evening.

    Like nikuzai said, sleep when possible. Same routine for us with casevacs and the like.

    We did the the 6mile CFT and parade all on Friday. Then waited around for transport and left also hoping to never return. And if we did hopefully it'd be a summer PJs, but alas, no I'll be there on the Nov/Dec PJs :-(
    Also, we had no Plt Cmdr interviews.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys! Mega, mega help you have been.

    So, what kit do you recommend for the TACEX that I really SHOULD have with me? And actually, what I'll probably be allowed to take with me?

    I've spent a few nights in the field, and each night has always been really useful to see what I need to have with me and where - But my only concern is that it's probably all going to be different on a few nights in a tactical situation in the field?

    I am looking forward to CIC and the training, I am however shitting it over the prospect of spooning it and completley ******* something up or failing the APWT or such. And to be honest, I'm not entirely confident in the skills I've been taught so far. I'll do my very best plus the extra 10% so we shall see what happens I suppose.

    Anyway, cheers again for the replies guys.
  12. You'll re-shoot the APWT till you pass, and you will, it's a peice of piss with a bit of practice, if you fail but otherwise you're a good egg you may get a deffered pass and have so many months to pass it in your company.

    Take everything, and only issued stuff (complimented of course by the usual red filter torch, paracord, housewife, first aid kit etc)

    The only thing I didn't use on my CIC that was issued was the gators (yes I even used long johns)

    The nights in the field you will be pretty much left alone to administrate yourself as you're now a trained soldier, just keep it tidy and only get out what you're using.

    More importantly, relax and enjoy it, keep a smile on your face and have a laugh
  13. Pegasus or Barossa?

    I can only echo what Sharpy has just said... Most disappointed at the lack of bayonet training!
  14. Kit wise you'll have to wait and see. Warm kit is a must so the issue fleece and a wooly hat are a good start. That said, some of the DS will let you use Softies / Gas cookers if you've got them. The Cpl's up there at the moment from RRF and PWRR are dead on, as well as the PC from 1R Anglian.

    All have current Op Tour experience so will teach it how it's done and wont bother fucking you around unless you deserve it.

    T C
  15. The_Cheat, when were you up there, if you don't mind me asking? Were you doing CIC or PJs?