CIC starting 25th April



Okay, short notice I know, but is anyone here going to CIC tomorrow?
If so, do you know if the course finishes on Friday 8th May, or on the Saturday?

Everyone at my unit is none the wiser, and I haven't even been given any joining instructions this time round.

Many thanks


I did indeed, and passed.

Hard course, we got smashed quite a fair bit. However, the staff were much more professional than what I experienced last time I was on the course (Think that would have been the same one you went on Grumpy) and However much it is one of those 'get it out of the way' courses, I do feel like I have benefitted from it somewhat.

I'll do a full write up here when I get some more time.
I was there too (one of the stupid ones who chose to go through it all again despite mother nature telling me not to!).

Indeed we did get smashed (one platoon did anyway). The young platoon commander certainly had very high expectations... more than once I saw one of the NCO's raise their eyebrows during his correctional training! All fun n' games however... was quite enjoyable looking back.

Kudos to that hard little fella who went 10 days on a badly broken foot without reporting it so he didn't get RTU'd. Watching him pass-out on crutches and in a plaster cast made my experience seem a little less severe!
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