This might not be the right place to post but I wanted the widest audience. Does anyone know if it's OK to take your own kit to CIC ph2? Standard issue boots kill me and would degrade my performance on the course whereas with my own boots I'm fine. Any thoughts? Cheers.
What do you wear, yellow Doc Martens?
OK, I will try to be a bit more help. You need to speak to your unit staff, it may well be that they dont have any issue with you wearing gucci boots. As for CIC they may want to see evidence ie a doctor's note to the effect that your issue boots kill you.
How do they kill you? Have you taken out the sh!tty issue insoles and bought a reasonable set to replace them? Do you wear decent socks or are you trying to wear thin ankle socks with your boots?


Thanks for the reply. I broke my leg a couple of years ago and suffered compression syndrome and subsequently have nerve damage in the foot mainly around the sole. I've tried new insoles etc but no joy. Whilst the pain doesn't go completely it's much reduced when I wear my own Lowa's or GSG9's. It's a genuine issue. I've seen the doc today and they are going to give me a letter. I'll see the PSI/PSAO tonight. Thanks for the advice.
Take your boots, with the Chit and you should be alright.

Under the duty of care they ds should let you wear them. Make sure though it goes on you med Docs and get your MO to back up what your doctor says
And dont quote me on this (there are others on this site who will know far more than me re this) but you may even be able to get gucci boots through the system if you are supported by the correct paperwork......

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