CIC only if you volunteer for Afghan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lancs_lad, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Was Due to go on CIC soon (4Lancs) but I have been told places are only available for people willing to go on tour in September (approx 50 4Lancs going). Is this not discrimination? Any other Infantry Regs been told similar?
  2. I would say preference -should- be for those heading out, and then for those who've already been out. TA budget's a little f*cked over at the moment....
  3. Yes, how dare they discriminate against those unable or unprepared to do the job for real...
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Well said sir
  5. Harsh guys, Harsh.

    The bloke is at least willing to volunteer for the TA in the first place, which is something in the present climate. Credit where credit is due eh ?.
  6. Well I guess the cut backs are good then as only a small % are able to do the job for real, so in April that determined lot will all that may be left?

    Back to the original post, my only gripe is that when I started training non of these limitations where in force. So they have now moved the goal posts by changing the original training agreement.
  7. The TA is no longer a safe haven or a drinking club for tour dodging but 'sunshine tour' medal collecting lardy MATTs dodgers.*

    Priority has to be given to those that are going to play out there. I'm not sure, not having done the course myself, if it would be a good idea for non-inf TA types to do the course aswell.

    What are you willing to do? Are you going to volunteer for some fun in the sun? 8)

    * It's still a good oportunity to get called a STAB wakner by our Regular counterparts and an even better opportunity for us to prove we can do the job as well as them and in a lot of cases better.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Fair play to you mate for joining

    However it's affecting every one they've only got so much cash and as unfair as it seems the lads deploying have to get priority and rightly so

    Unfortunetly when all this is done only a few in your position will come back
  9. I never said I wasnt going to Tour but not this soon. I dont understand why there is a need for it, as the number of CICs is stil the same (until they are binned like everything else) and everyone I know who has recently (within last 2 yrs) done their 9 weekends got on a CIC easily, as in not a shortage of places.

    Perhaps its a way of getting volunteers to fill the 50 tour places without sending out mobilisation letters?
  10. Is this going to turn into another 'outrage over the way the TA have been treated' thread?

    The TA has changed during my time in the regulars, (in my opinion) it is no longer a low budget 'Dads Army' outfit and now capable of producing as good a soldier as can be found anywhere else; Plus they do it in their 'spare time' (and now for free). I'm not knocking the TA for what they do, or don't do.
    What I am knocking is the moment something changes, or goes against anyone, one of the first things to be mentioned is discrimination. Those who are able and willing to go on a tour should get the benefits of being more useful to the 'one army'.
  11. Those who are able and willing to go on a tour should get the benefits of being more useful to the 'one army'.

    not seen any evidence of this so far..plenty of talk thats all.
  12. I guess some of that is covered by pre-deployment training, but I'd be interested in such a course if it existed and from what I'm hearing about what's going on with Herrick - medics racking up double-figure confirmed kills with a handgun - I wouldn't be surprised if some course like that for combat support corps being attached to infantry units turns up. I'm RSigs myself, but if I end up going out there I'd definitely want to be getting out to FOBs as a minimum and not sitting in Camp Bastion for 6 months.
  13. Pretty much everything that could be covered was during PDT, there's lots of things that you won't be able to learn until a few hours after they've happened. :) You just have to muck in together and cuff it best you can.
  14. But having only just started my new job, I am keen to find out on what terms the mobilisation will be. If it is not a compulsory moblilisation then I think my employer mite say that if I go I have no Job to come back to and at the end of the day my employer is the one that pays the bills not the TA.
  15. Examples, please.