cic dates

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fatboy1907, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. anyone know dates bfor cic this year
  2. Theres one starting March 28th and one in April, and that's as much as I know.
    (The March CIC is now full, I've been told)
  3. Or the famous arrse reply: "ask your PSI!"
  4. Been told March is full. One on the April 24th (also been told).
  5. Heyup! been given these as the dates.

    28/3 til 11/4
    25/4 til 9/5
    23/5 til 6/6
    20/6 til 3/7

    Anyone else on the first one?
  6. There is one on the 28th November, I'm on this one and it's up at Catterick, a bit nervous about it as I am told you get a proper beasting up there.
  7. Well, youve got ages to worry about it. Enjoy. :twisted:
  8. Im on the one running 4th - 18th April :D
  9. These are the start dates for CIC

  10. Thanks for the dates FiveAlpha. I have my last RT weekend at the end of July. I guess I will be waiting a few months before I can do the course.