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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chief_1975, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Hello All,

    I am off to Catterick in June for my two week CIC course, have searched through the forum & found a couple of posts dating back to last year basically saying:
    100% effort
    don't mong it
    keep your head down
    look after your muckers

    One of the guys from my TAC suggested taking mosquito repellent as apparently they can be a bit of a bitch in June!

    Appreciate it if anybody who has attended the course recently has any more advise/tips etc.......& yes I know don’t eat yellow snow etc :wink:

  2. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    To be honest if you're eating yellow snow in June, it's probably sand, so you have other issues. :wink:

    Don't know how much CIC courses cross over, but I might see you up there.
  3. Play it "Grey Man" as well. The worst thing to do is to stick out like a sore thumb.

    The staff up there will often prey upon the recruits - we had one Geordie lad who was constantly picked on because he sounded so funny. Ended up with the name "Geordie Fcuk Pig" - we found it hilarious, I don't think he did :D

    Moral of the story: keep your head down and STFU, because if you get noticed you'll end up getting dicked for sh*tty jobs and ridiculed :wink:

    ...oh, don't let put you off.
  4. I did it in June, and the heat was really something, keep hydrated! We had a lot of heatstroke and dehydration cases on tabs. Mozzie repellent: Big YES. Those little barstewards eat you alive when you're up on the area. Be prepared for a lot of hurry up and wait in the first week when you're on the ranges, I got a great suntan but don't let it make you complacent - the field phase can ambush the unwary and the unprepared.

    Don't make yourself stand out. Give it all you've got, and don't jack on your mates.

    I don't know if it's the same each course, but the bayonet training is usually held right after the CFT, it's a fairly intensive day that - you WILL get beasted and fcuked about royally. It's even harder when it's really really hot, but stick in and give it 110%.

    You will love it. Keep a good sense of humour about you.
  5. Day one you will have to complete a weapon handling test, combat fitness test AND a personal fitness test.

    If you fail any of these you will be sent home immediately. So don't fail!

    Apart from that you should not have a problem if you put in maximum effort.

    Good luck!
  6. Always_a_Rifleman, for the PFT does your time have to be under 10:30? I know that's what they want for Infantry but throughout my phase 1 it was under 13:00!!!

  7. We only did the WHT and the PFT on Day 1, the CFT was mid-way through the week, has it changed recently?

    And yes, if you fail your PFT or WHT, you're going home.
  8. I done mine back in november and it was proper cold,
    the first week is easy really, just turn up and dont mong it, Mile and half run, wht when you arrive then the rest of the week pretty much on the ranges. In june it will be ok but back in november we spent a week soaked to the skin gibbering day in day out.
    Then on the saturday i think we done CFT which was no dramas followed straight after by bayonet training, which was a complete ****-around but was good. then most of the 2nd week is spent in the field, think we lost about 6 guysjust on the 1st night with hypothermia and stuff. Spent the rest of the week soaked through, it just rained rained and rained some more.
    But all in all it was an easier course than i was expecting, just got to all shut up and put 100% in, then the staff let u have it fair. Long as you are fit u should do fine. The harest bit i found was the weather, so take that out the equation and there aint no dramas.
    good luck anyway
  9. Doing PJ's same time as this bloke is doing CIC; the joining instructions state WHT & Risk Reduction Run (13 mins) on the first day. If you fail either, you don't deserve to be there regardless.

    If you're fit & have a good attitude, it's a good course; I came back with silverware when I did it last March.
  10. My fitness is pretty good, PFT I can get under 10mins, sit-ups / press-ups no probs. Completed 6 mile CFT twice in Phase 1, no dramas although they were all at Swynnerton which is flat, I have read Catterick has a few hills which can catch people out?

    I know my drills on the weapon but still lack a bit of confidence when carrying them out, hopefully should come with practice :oops:
  11. Not sure if it the risk reduced run or not (most likely is). I had two go on the CIC which finishes tomorrow (Sat) and the driver was a bit miffed that he had to wait for the three tests to finish, just in case someone failed.

    We're lucky we're in South Yorkshire. I feel sorry for those right down South or in the North of Scotland.

    It has become clear, though, that as Phase 1 is run by LAND and CIC is run by DInf, there is a huge gap between the two and Phase 1 WILL NOT prepare you for CIC. This is now currently down to your units and because of this my Bn is running "pre-CIC" weekends to test infantry CFTs etc before sending recruits.

    If you can PFT in under 10.30 and you can 6 mile CFT without problems, you should be fine. If not GET YOUR DAPS OUT!

    Good luck though.

  12. One addition though, the CIC training program seems to change quite regularly as they try and make it work better (or worse) so don't be disappointed if it has all changed by the time you get there and be prepared for them to throw other fast balls like a mess tin handling test or something equally as important on day one.

  13. Not the dreaded mess tin handling test! 8O , I will be RTU'd for sure if they drop that one me :wink:

    Cheers Chief
  14. Just be yourself.

    Focus don't think

    Rehearse, don't ring the changes.

    Be fit.