CIC Catterick

Can anyone who has recently completed the CIC at Catterick give me some idea what it invloves, how long etc, and then how long is TA P Coy
CIC for TA is two weeks long, starting and ending on a Saturday. The first week is spent mostly on shooting i.e marksmanship principles, APWT and weapons handling test. You will also do your BPFA and bayonet training and any other classroom based lessons like map reading and battlefield first aid. The second week is broken in two, the first 4 days are spent in the field learning to function off water, fear and sleep deprevation due to constant stagging-on. Patrolling and basic fire and manouver procedures are also covered. Once out of the field you do your CFT and a bit of drill to prepare you for your passing out parade on the Saturday morning.
Good luck!!
Oh P coy for TA is 4 or 5 days long. Although it is a rather short time, dont let this decieve you or you'll be in for a shock. The best bit of advice for P Coy is as always, 'the fitter you are the easier it will be'.
I had to do two CFT's on mine, one practise early on, something like the Tuesday and the proper one later on in the week, Plus the fact it was August, boiling down in sunny Surrey (ATR Pirbright) and a few trips up Heartbreak Hill....

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