CIC 30th April, What Can I Expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jstray3013, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi ! Fairly new to all this, Which Makes Me Think I'll make a fool of myself..... I'm Just Pre Warning You Guys :D

    I'm On For CIC For The 30th Of April And Have Tried Asking The Other People At The TA Centre What The Course At Catterick Is Like.. I Basically Got The General Reply Of Mumbling which included Words Like Shit And Hole :D

    So I Thought I'd Come On Here And See If I Could Get Any Good Info Off Of Anyone :)

    Any Reply Is Appreciated Guys, Thanks :)
  2. Try using the search function. A helpful fellow recently posted a very thorough low down on the course.
  3. Any reason why you've not asked our RTC staff?
  4. Just think of that pwrr instuctor at malta barracks with the mustache and black skin. Well thats the sort people you will be dealing with as your DS up there.
  5. Expect to run up hills a lot. The CFT wasn't run as a CFT when I was there but as a "weighted run", same weights but faster pace and LOTS of steep sections.

    The "bayonet fighting" bit at the beginning isn't much about bayonet fighting, it's more about a physical fcuk about to see if you'll sack it or start gobbing off. Quite a few sacked it. Just keep going and don't give up.

    In general you may well find it's stepped up several gears from TA run weekends. Lots on my CIC weren't at all well prepared either mentally, physically or in terms of instruction up to that point.

    Other than that it's eyes and ears open, mouth (mostly) shut and crack on.
  6. shit and hole....
  7. Now that gentleman is a legend, what a nobber.
    I've met women in cook houses around the place that would tear him a new hoop. (That one in Hammersley barracks with the tattoos would give him nightmares)
  8. I doubt it.
  9. That gentleman is indeed a legend also one of the hardest working instructors you'll ever meet certainly a lot harder working than some of them up catterick
  10. The staff at Catterick were nothing like the turbo knobhead from Malta (I joined before he was in RTC and I still hate the bloke).