Discussion in 'Infantry' started by shifty18, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Hello ladies and gents. I am starting CIC on the 13th January but having just checked the train times, the earliest I can get to Catterick Garrison is 18:00hrs. Has anybody had this problem at some point and does anybody know if I will have the option of travelling up the day before etc because I think this will be too late. Im going to call my careers advisor tomorrow to ask him anyway but there is no harm asking on here too.

    Thanks, shifty.
  2. Phone them up and they,ll sort you out

    you wouldn,t want to be irish dancing in the guardroom on your first day !

  3. try and find a place to stop over the night before eg relatives/friends, half the journey
  4. I had the same kind of problem when i started. My train was due to arrive at 1630 (earliest i could get), then there were delays and didnt arrive until about 1900. I just phoned the guardroom to inform them and there was no problems.

    Although there were a couple of guys who turned up a day early and there careers office had sorted them accom on camp. Worth a try maybe?