CIA to reveal decades of misdeeds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Cheat, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Full article here:

    BBC Link

    Should be good!

    T C
  2. I wonder why they're doing this and in particular, why they're doing so now? If I was prone to wearing tinfoil headgear, I'd almost think there were problems in the Bush administration that needed distracting from...
  3. So much cynicism in one so young :roll:
  4. OK id better get a couple of crates of John Smiths in sit back and enjoy, I wonder how many retired old agents are going to get dragged through the sh*t :?
  5. What!
    Decades of Misdeeds indeed! - I am Aghast...I am undone! This cannot be!

    Now Listen here! all know that whatever Henious and Dastardly deeds may or may not have been was all absolutely essential for TWAT (The War Against Terror) or the outwit Russkies and the Communists...or stop Fidel Castro invading Florida... and it all had nothing to do with Power, Money, Corruption or Drugs. and it definitely wouldn`t have had anything to do with Oil or the Dollar cycle.

    gets Coat and wanders off Aimlessly singing......

    I`ve got my Tinfoil hat on
    Hip hip hip Hooray
    My Tinfoil hat will save me
    from your Mind destroying ray
  6. A bloody silly thing to do. Every country has things that should never be revealed. Nothing good will come of this. It's an exercise in stupidity.
  7. This stuff is about as secret as the Millenium Dome. Langley has been leaking like an over stimulated OAP since the late 50s. Bit of a smoke screen for the current hijinks I think.