CIA report to U S Congress on WMD

Coalition Forces will uncover WMD in Iraq....

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's' amazin' what you find on the Web...

Testimony to the US Congress
by Mr. Charles Duelfer,
Director of Central Intelligence Special Advisor for Strategy regarding Iraqi Weapons
of Mass Destruction (WMD) Programs


The ISG [Iraq Survey group] has developed new information regarding Iraq’s dual-use facilities and ongoing research suitable for a capability to produce biological or chemical agents on short notice. Iraq did have facilities suitable for the production of biological and chemical agents needed for weapons. It had plans to improve and expand and even build new facilities.

For example, the Tuwaitha Agricultural and Biological Research Center has equipment suitable for the production of biological agents. While it conducts civilian research, ISG has also determined that it was conducting research that would be important for a biological weapons program. For example, we are continuing to examine research on Bacillus thuringiensis that was conducted until March 2003. This material is a commercial biopesticide, but it also can be used as a surrogate for the anthrax bacterium for production and weapons development purposes. Work continued on single cell proteins at Tuwaitha as well. Single cell protein research previously had been used as the cover activity for BW production at al-Hakam. We are now focusing on what such activities meant.

With respect to chemical production, Iraq was working up to March 2003 to construct new facilities for the production of chemicals. There were plans under the direction of a leading nuclear scientist/WMD program manager to construct plants capable of making a variety of chemicals and producing a year’s supply of any chemical in a month. This was a crash program. Most of the chemicals specified in this program were conventional commercial chemicals, but a few are considered “dual use.” One we are examining, commonly called DCC (N,N-Dicyclohexyl carbodiimide), was used by Iraq before 1991 as a stabilizing agent for the nerve agent VX. Iraq had plans before OIF for large-scale production of this chemical. Again, what do these activities mean?


full report at


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Cant help but feeling that Sadaam was bluffing it big time about WMD in order to raise his status in the Midle East.

Shame Bush called his bluff.

The problem for TB is that he fell for it and know looks like an idiot. :D
By reading your extract from the report, the vast majority of the world can be said to have the facilities to produce Biological weapons.

The US/UK will manufacture statements and information to justify thier intentions. Christ by the statements and technology implicated we could invade half of europe! (Nows there an idea!) :twisted:

What they should be really worried about is Russia, who have a formidable arsenal of BWs and these are loaded and tested on ICBMs! :cry:


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I was given a lecture on WMD a while back where it was pointed out that you only need a shovel to find anthrax, you only need to go to tescos to get all the components for effective chemical weapons and a country only needs the industrial technology to build diesel engines to be capable of building a nuclear bomb (the science and materials being MUCH harder to gain).

Made me think...

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