CIA Papers declassified: Links to same

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. I looked, but can't find anything on ARRSE aboout this lot - even though the Spams are getting quite excited about it.

    2 sets of interesting documents have been declassified under the US Freedom of Information Act (of which ours seems to be a pael imitation, I might say)

    The first is a collection called:
    It is easily accessed here:

    The second is known as "THE FAMILY JEWELS": 702 pages revealing much of the murky stuff that went on under the CIA up to 1973. Thing like wiretapping journos and hiring the mafia to 'whack' Mr Khruschev (inc. even Watergate, I think).

    Rather more difficult to access, its 702 pages can be viewed on line, as a series of *.gif images by going here and doing a search on the keywords "FAMILY JEWELS"

    Might be a rewarding way to spend a long night shift as duty bloke/blokess somewhere.
  2. Hmm, can't really imagine that anything that directly implicates them in some sort of convictable offence.

    Could well be a good read though

    Personally I don't see anything wrong here. Assassinations are natural job of secret services. Moreover CIA acted according to orders from the White House. As for usage of known notorious criminals then there is nothing special here too. Criminals, prostitutes, journalists and politicians are frequently being used by secret services.
  4. Funny old thing KG, here in Blighty we genrerally prefer it if our Politicians:

    a. Are not, and
    b. Do not associate with


    There is a rather less powerful taboo that says "Politicians should not shag hookers" - not least because it makes them vulnerable to blackmail, by well - you know who. Not true in France, of course, where the politicain who hasn't got at least 3 birds on the go at any one time is regarded as very dodgy.

    More important, lately (look up Jeffrey Archer on the interweb) we've come to regard politicians who shag hookers and then tell lies about it, while bunging fat envelopes of £££ at said hookers buy their silence, as shady, underhanded and not to be trusted with the conduct of important leadership roles. :D

    But that's the burden associated with being the world's oldest parliamentary democracy for you.
  5. However shagging researchers while wearing Chelsea shirts is just a bit eccentric.

    I wonder if any of the released papers mention anything which remains classified in the UK? It has happened before.
  6. No mention of who whacked Kennedy , Marilyn Munroe or Roswell.

    I am disappointed :(
  7. Sometimes criminals look like respectable law-abiding citizens. I fancy that the highest concentration of criminals is on the Wall Street or in the City. Btw, Enron Boss funded highly esteemed learned mr.Bush. It is even more that association.

    As for cash for honour affair then who is 'flamboyant London's businesman'? His lordship if not exactly but very close to be a criminal.

    I mentioned representatives of the first oldest profession. In fact that are 2 types of them - ordinary and political ones. Criminals pay them and also to journalists that are being used for brainwashing.

    This circus uses to be called a democracy.
  8. We no longer live in a democracy, we vote in a dictator every four years. It's bloody awful.
  9. One of those could be mentioned in the blanked out item 1. Castro assassination attempt is item 2, so it must be something even more sinister than that :wink: :D

    Damn this tin foil hat is chaffing...
  10. Were you born in a democracy Sergey, or have you ever lived in one?
  11. Roswell was already released. It was a story sent out by the air force to hide their own testing of new aircraft... apparantly.

    I think their claim that Roswell was a smokescreen to hide testing is just a new cover story to hide the alliance between the Alien empire and the Freemasons, who implanted a chip into Ronald Reagan so that they could use him to kill JFK and John Lennon.
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Exactly so Sergei Alexandreyovich - and there in lies the gulf between us.

    You may be unaware that in a fit of hand-wringing post Watergate righteousness, the US Congress passed a law specifically forbidding its government servants from travelling abroad at the behest of the Executive to 'whack' person or persons unknown holding views which the U S Administration find inimical [ e.g Viva Chavez - Nuestra Salvador]......sadly I fear their example has not been followed (to my knowledge) by the Duma.

    As The Sage of Bateman's so correctly but inconveniently said

    ' East is East and West is West and ne'er the twain shall meet'

    Le Chevre
  13. I didn't say it wa working very well right now - just told you how we'd prefer it to work.

    Otherwise - hard to disagree.

    On the other hand, where you live, the 'democratic' constitution was written by a Communist with the intention of prolonging the tenure of the communist regime.

    Hardly a surprise that you got criminals in charge straight away.

    I reckon we are on a cycle - we kicked the criminals out when we got rid of 'rotten borough' voting a couple of centuries ago. BUT right now we're on a 'down' cycle. It is fashionable for people to be disengaed from the political process.

    At some point, more of them wil become politicised and we'll start to get the house in order.

    At least I fecking hope so!!
  14. Great!

    Couldn't agree more.

    So new Labour pave way to ... ? Btw they are socialists
  15. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    First thing that jumped out at me is that they look like facsimiles that have been scanned rather than original documents. How does that correspond to the ‘eyes only’ classification? I thought that it meant 'Do Not Copy!!!'