CIA gets the go-ahead to take on Hizbollah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. CIA gets the go-ahead to take on Hizbollah
    Daily Telegraph

  2. It will end in tears!
  3. That's a surefire way of getting the incumbent PM whacked for being a supporter of infidels.

    IF shia parties, groups etc start getting hit because of US money, you can bet some of those dollars that Iran et al are going to start hitting those that sponge their dough off 'The Great Satan'.

    If I was the head rag of Hizbolla, the first person to be removed permanently from my Xmas/Haj list would be Fouad Siniora followed shortly afterwards by his merry men.
  4. If the CIA's past record is anything to go by, this will only end in disaster.

    First, they will pour money into the wrong group, and if that doesn't work they will pour in more money.

    Then they will pour in more money to try and correct their mistakes. If that doesn't work, they will pour in more money.

    Rather disingenous to try and prop up the Lebanese goverment after letting the Israelis smash the country into dust.
  5. Much as I welcome CLANDESTINE help to Sinioara, in all fairness I have to question the veracity of yet another article by the Torygraph.

    What evidence does the rag offer for the story - two former Int guys, an anonymous source and a Fuccking blog
  6. Shush, it's a secret.
  7. Do tell Sven, which part(s) of the article do you question the provenance?

    - CIA and others are funding anti-Hezbollah groups.
    - This is being done clandestinely.
    - This has been approved by Bush.
    - The US is concerned by Iranian influence in the region.
  8. All of the above may or may not be true - the evidence for the first three are not furthered by this article which uses the usual dodgy origins for the information.

    So, for the moment the suppositions we all hold are not evidence based
  9. Based on common sense and past history, I'd be surprised if this was not going on. Now, as regards to evidence, you are quite right. However, by design, given that the CIA is a 'secret' organisation, you aren't going to get evidence are you?

    Try to apply a little commen sense Sven. Do you expect some CIA operative to provide a picture of himself, his contact details in downtown Beirut and copy of his mission statement to the media in order to satisfy your lust for seeing names behind stories?
  10. Personally I think that the article probably came straight from the blog, with the intelligence source made up.
  11. but it isn't really the CIA is it ? These are Special Operations undertaken by former Delta Force and SEALS on contract to the CIA

    The CIA is acting as SOE once did before MI6 destroyed it in 1946
  12. I can't believe we are even discussing this!

    Firstly, it's uber secret and lives may be in danger, such as the head rag Sinioara. The tory-rag doesn't often get it wrong (it's not the Sun).

    Secondly, oh what am I saying? When was the last time the US actualy managed to keep anything secret for more than a nano-second? The bay of pigs, Lewinski, the golden triangle, Air America, the hit on the Cuban head-shed wotsisface . . . etc.

    They've also just admitted that they are funding some of the gangs in Somalia to get them to beat up the Muslim gangs.

    I tell you what is nice to see though, and this is the acceptance and acknowledgement of the fact that Islam is on the march. It's like the good ol' days of religious expansion with it's pogroms, burnings at the stake etc., onl this time, it's Islam doing it with bombs and guns.

    You've got Shias bashing Sunnis left right and centre, and they, together with all the other Islamic tribes are spreading across the globe and spreading the word of durka durka, Islami-I'm-bad-jihad.

    The US of A has found a new cold war to engage in, and one that is just as important to win.

    Nobody had ever thought that there could be semi-intelligent life in such far distant places, watching us go about our daily lives with malevolent and envious eyes. From Afghanistan through Asia, the Middle East and Europe, the durka-durka boys, slowly but surely, drew there plans against us . . . da da DDAAAAAAAAAA, oh bugger, that's not right, that's War of the Worlds!
  13. Mecketor said:
    "Try to apply a little commen sense Sven. Do you expect some CIA operative to provide a picture of himself, his contact details in downtown Beirut and copy of his mission statement to the media in order to satisfy your lust for seeing names behind stories?"

    No you can get all that kind of stuff from the American media anyway.
  14. SLRboy, don't get angry with Sven. He's a pinko commie/socialist/progressive/whatevva. Demanding to see proof, when that's patently impossible, is his way of killing discussion
  15. I do believe SLRboy aimed his comment at Merkator