CIA Director Meets With Ukrainian President

I mentioned that it's been reported that CIA Director Porter Goss recently went to Turkey to explain to the Turkish secret service the intention of the US government to attack Syria and Iran.

Director Goss's travels, it is reported elsewhere, have taken him to the Ukraine where he met with Pres. Viktor Yuschenko.

The linked article asserts that there was some variance between the publicly-disclosed agenda of discussion and what the two men actually discussed.

How the anonymous author of this article could have acquired such information is not entirely clear.

...the Russian officials consider that there were other issues discussed, connected with the Ukrainian-Russian relations. The meeting came amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas supplies, which could trigger a major instability in the region.Russia has been recently pushing for quadrupling prices of natural gas it supplies to Ukraine starting January 1, 2006, and had even threatened to cut the supplies completely unless Ukraine disagrees. (sic) Ukraine refused to accept the new pieces citing a 10-year agreement it signed with Russia three years ago and that had fixed natural gas prices in trade between the two through the end of 2009.
Some officials in Ukraine and Russia fear the dispute could lead to disruptions in Russian natural gas supplies to the European Union next year. The pressure to quadruple the prices has been apparently politically motivated, as Russia had been seeking to punish Ukraine for its pro-Western course, Ukrainian analysts said, Ukrainian Pravda reported. Accordingly there is a certain fear in Moscow that the CIA's head visit may be a part of the American support to the Ukrainian side. Last Saturday Yushchenko warned that Russia's pressure had been threatening the national security of Ukraine and suggested that Kiev may appeal to world's nuclear powers, such as the U.S., Britain, France and China, to fend off the pressure.

The CIA has been carefully watching Russia's expansion in the energy sector of the former Soviet Union, including aggressive acquisitions of key energy sector companies, such as power distribution firms and oil refineries over the past several years.
The CIA expected Russia's efforts to accelerate this year, especially after Yushchenko, a pro-Westerner, had defeated a pro-Kremlin candidate at the presidential election last year and had declared Ukraine's goal to join NATO and the EU. Goss, in a testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in February, mentioned Russia's expansion policy as one of the key challenges to be faced in the region in 2005.

"Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review" 20 December 2005

If this article is taken at face value, it appears that the CIA is attempting to aggravate antagonism between the Ukraine and Russia. Those who consider this to be a good idea might reflect on the likely reaction of the American public were it to appear that a delegation from the GRU was in Ottawa to discuss Canadian/American relations with the Canadian P.M.
Looks like a Sleeping Bear is returning from slumber. Soon be back to old world order we grew up with.
Trust Good old Tone to SECURE future gas supplies for UK.
What really CIA-man can to do? Has he money?
The main problem now is gas prices (now $50 for 1000 cubic meters).

Moscow wants to raise the price of gas for Ukraine to bring it in line with world market rates.

But Mr Yushchenko said the threats to end supplies amounted to "blackmail".

Moscow wants to more than quadruple the price of supplies to the Ukrainian market, to between $220 and $230 per 1,000 cubic metres.

Gazprom has now threatened to cut gas supplies altogether if new terms are not agreed by 1 January.
Probably, pres.Yushchenko said: you spent more than $60m (taxpayers money) for my election. So help me now, pay some billions to these Russians.

There is another interesting detail. Accoding to new corrections of Ukrainian constitution real power will be granted to PM and parliamentary election will be soon - Spring 2006. So mr.Goss wasted his time. Party that supports mr.Yushchenko is not the most popular.

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