CIA agents threatened to kill a terror suspects children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Your point?
  2. Disgraceful. Simply not cricket, old boy. 8O

    I mean, the KGB/FSB would never do something like that... :roll: :twisted:
  3. It's not just the left of the Dems in the larger sense. There are a lot of people across the political spectrum--even Fox News presenters--who opposed torture of prisoners.
  4. Indeed:
  5. The CIA/FBI must be doing something right, who would have thought there would be zero terrorist attacks in the US 8 years since 9/11?
  6. Nice to see the CIA picking up on my recommendations.
  7. Bit like the view that there apparently weren't any mass-rapes and other sundry war crimes committed by Russian troops at the end of WW2, despite the evidence to the contrary, this must also be lies. After all, just because there's smoke doesn't mean there's a fire, right?
  8. This is disgusting. That's what laser guided bombs are for.
  9. Yes. We never meant to kill Ghaddahfi's child at all.
  10. Seems fair enough, the Terrorists constantly threaten to kill our kids.
  11. Quiet true, the bomb was aimed at Mad Dog IRA loving Ghaddafi. still at least part of his gene pool was removed.

    Doesn't bring back the Lockerbie children though doeas it?
  12. Nice one from you and your mob Komitet GosudarstvennoÄ­ Bezopasnosti - chucked anyone alive into a furnace recently?
  13. That's SO last century, old boy; the FSB prefer glow-in-the-dark tea. :twisted:
  14. A wet job is still a wet job so I am told.