CIA agent makes a boo boo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by genesis, May 14, 2013.

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  1. It is somewhat filmic.

    On the table are two wigs, dark glasses, cap, waterproof pad, a very basic phone, Silva-style compass, Moscow map, papers in sealable plastic covers, a lighter (?with cigarettes) plus a couple of other items. Can anyone ID the remainder?
  2. Soon to be ex-CIA spy. But on the up-side, he's front runner for the lead in the next Pink Panther movie.
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Company Walt??? Actually an administration assistant; I have some sympathy ;)

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  4. Im suprised they haven't reported that he sidled up to the target and whispered "Listen very carefully, I shall only say this once"
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  5. Third secretary is a bit above admin assistant methinks. The sum of 100,000 USD for a first interview with the subject?
    Looking at the wad of 500 Euro notes there is probably about that on the table, but I bet it all didn't get booked in though...
  6. Hopefully he'll be treated better than Litvinenko, provided he doesn't have any tea.
  7. Now, Berezovski is dead, so I'm sure no one will offer him special tea.

    Maybe he is an alumnus of the MI6 School of Unlikely Disguises ? So if he waits a few years he could get a medal ?

    One of the least believable parts of the Nairac mystery.

    "So what you need Robbie is a donkey jacket and call yourself Danny Boy"

    "Oh couldn't I be a transvestite called Lili Burlero"

    "Be serious Danny Boy, you need tousled hair and to be able to sing Irish rebel songs"

    "How about a hat made by knotting an old hankie"

    "Do be serious Danny Boy a hankie hat would be a dead giveaway"
  9. I didn't see the bit where they said they caught him charging around Moscow on his white charger crying "freedom" as he massacred huge numbers of Moscovites! :)

    You naughty little Guardian reader you. Welcome to the club!
  10. Do you ever type anything, ever, that is even vaguely relevant, topical, interesting or sane?

    Seriously, if you're not just trying to wind people up... Get psychiatric help.

    Or are the world's mental health professionals in the thrall of Kent Police?
  11. I was going to write that Doonesbury helps to keep the aliens out of my freaking head but then BB crashed in flames and made it all seem irrelevant.

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