Chutney Ferrets - Can You Spot One?

Well ... I'm shocked ... and I withdraw my earlier 'of course you can' comment.

From the pictures posted it would appear that I have been, quite innocently might I add, drawn into a conspiracy of admiration for light entertainment bum banditry.

I will now take myself off for penance :oops:
tiger stacker said:
I believe this category is known as "arse like a wizard's sleeve"...

Personally my gaydar is highly tuned, due to three years in "Queens" College Durham. In 1983 we took the college roll and checked off those whom we believed to be a bit fond of show tunes and interior design - 31 out of 169.
I'm listening to Radio 2 and I have just heard Rob Brydon say to Dale Winton (standing in for Steve Wright):

"Of course, I gave you your first oyster didn't I?"

In the name of decency ... this is supposed to be a family show!


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