Chutney ferret man fat munching etiquet

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Spitting?

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  2. Swallowing?

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  3. Facial splashing?

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  4. None of the above....please elucidate

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  1. With chutneys literally ruling the roost and homosexuality set soon to be compulsory within the armed forces, I think we need to clarify some points of uphill gardening etiquet. I mean "the professionals" don't want to look like a load of amateurs at mess glory hole nights.

    So what is the correct tune for the pink oboe?
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  2. I believe bukakke is only permitted when hosting an exchange party from the JSDF. Spitting or swallowing is a matter of individual Regimental tradition, while gargling is confined to the RAF and other such trash.
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  3. I used to joke "I'm glad I got out before they make homosexuality compulsory." in 1990 but I concur with cernunnos it's not far
  4. Bukkaka is I believe still reserved for ladies dinner nights. With the added expense of buying mess gimp dress, how else can we now afford to splash out on our womenfolk.

    Can I wear George boots with a gimp suit?
  5. Isn't it symptomatic that the fall of the British Empire came when we gave up Le vice Anglais and started encouraging Greek Love.
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  6. Six of the best for that man.....
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  7. It isn't encouraged at breakfast due to the understandable confusion that arises with that piece of Marmite you left on the end for a snack.
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  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    It should be used as hair gel, so that you look your best at all times !
  9. hair-Brylcreem.jpg
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  10. Swallow, spit or facials? So it's not compulsory to get done up the arrse everyday yet then? Someone could have said!
  11. Will these be placed strategically for those moments of hygiene before making a new tunnel for dick.
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  12. You'll probably start seeing more if these though.

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  13. Looks like he's making a dirty phone call to the local Primary School.
  14. Does look like a paedo doesn't he? He's strangling the budgie with the other hand...
  15. This man had a hat and perhaps he has brylcreme. Would you deny him life!