Chutney ferret chocolate

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Cadburys has seen their sales volumes rise 16%, mostly on the back of the reintroduction of the Wispa.

    Now Wispa is truely hetrosexual chocolate. I felt like treating myself to one recently (portly fatherless nowadays...), but as I searched I also came across some really, really homo chocolate.

    Twirl. Flake is for girls, fine, but Twirl is the rip off. Therefore, homo.

    Dairy Milk and apricot crumble; the next stage is putting a c0ck in your mouth, no doubt to clear away the taste.

    What others are there?

    On the otherhand there are some pretty hetro chocs. Only a real man could eat a Mars bar at 3am on OTA with accompanying Midge garnish (it would have been minge garnish, but they were minging)
  2. Yorkie Bar and Marathon (Snicker my arrse) are the only chocolate allowed to be eaten by men. The Law.
  3. They're considering renaming the Snicker back to the original Marathon.

    What about "Duncan's of Scotland", especially when it's turned that white colour...

    Anything in the "galaxy" range is queer
  4. Ahhh! White dog shit in the rat packs, heaven. Wasn't there a red and a blue packet?
  5. Homo chocolate is anything with stuff in other than nuts and raisins - which are allowed but only if the bar comes in ORP and has turned white on the outside. Or that white shite that puts you in a diabetic coma instantly whether you're diabetic or not.

    I'm in two minds about Arabic Rolos.
  6. Crabby, I"ve never had a cock in my mouth, what do they taste like?
  7. The way my wife guzzles mine I assume it's like those posh, burds only chocolates with gooey shyte in.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What bracket do Curly Wurly's fall into?
    Lion Bar's & Double Deckers are straight mans choc tho!
  9. What is the decision on Kit Kat Chunky? I've seen it in shops but never eaten any.

    Kit Kat Ordinary and Jaffa Cakes, great for tea surely (if served in pint '58 patt mugs).
  10. Kit Kat chunky has to be straighter than the mincy little thin bars one?
  11. I think KIT KAT chunky would be OK...but then some fudge nudger put peanut butter in some of em' :( Nobody has mentioned Wagon Wheels yet...Gay or Nay :D
  12. Surely Drifters are a mans choccy?
  13. Drifters? Surely thats the kind of chocolate that you'd find hanging out of Jarrods arrse?


  14. I've been conned then. My packet only had two in. Shite.
  15. But what about the mighty Mars Bar? Thats a real mans choccy!!!

    And what about chocolate covered biscuits or other assorted choccy based dunking items (borbons, cookies etc)