Churchills Spy School History Channel 17 May 21h00

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fairmaidofperth, May 8, 2010.

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  1. School for Sabotage

    I would recommend this, Noreen and Bob are amazing characters. Sadly I can't view it but if any kind arrser can record it and post it to me then please pm me.
  2. I would love to watch that but sadly do not have the History Channel :(
  3. Did'nt SOE also have a training school in Scotland? ISTR reading about SOE trainees being woken every morning by a piper in the grounds - not much fun for the English recruits! :D

    The SOE Agents on active service were organised into Jedburgh Teams, named after the town in the Scottish Borders, which was a stronghold of the Border Reivers.

    The Reivers were past masters of cross border raids, kidnapping, assassination, hand to hand combat and other naughty activities. 8)

    "If Jesus Christ came among the Reivers they would decieve him if he listened to their wicked councels!" :twisted:
  4. Wasn't there a black & white tv programme in the 60s called The Reivers?
  5. SOE had a fair number of STS's (Special Training Schools) all over the country. Interestingly the underground propaganda school, was originally headed by Kim Philby.
  6. Yes there was. And a very interesting book on them by George MacDonald Fraiser, author of Flashman, called The Steel Bonnets. 8)
  7. As well as his "hilarious Borders burlesque" The Reavers!
  8. I have'nt read that one, 'though I did enjoy The Pyrates! :D :lol:
  9. My Bold

    Many of the training schools are detailed in the book " Commando Country " by Stuart Allan . The book also contains details of the Commando Training establishments including Acnacarry .

    Interesting to see my ARRSE ID appearing in other posts with an explanation of the term Border Reiver ..... not much rape and pillage these days .... well the pillage has certainly reduced .
  10. On the general theme of training Agents a film " Now It Can Be Told " was released in 1946 using real Agents , Captain Harry Ree DSO OBE and Jacqueline Nearne MBE , to demostrate selection , induction , training , insertion into France and extraction . It is available on DVD and well worth buying /watching .
  11. I bought that from Imperial War Museum - excellent stuff :)
  12. If you get the chance, read the war story graphic novel "The Reivers" by Garth Ennis. 8)
  13. If this has not been sorted already PM me after the fact as a reminder & I'll send it