Churchill's Abandoned Prisoners

Churchill's Abandoned Prisoners


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Churchill's Abandoned Prisoners - The British Soldiers Deceived in the Russian Civil War

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'Churchill's Abandoned Prisoners' by Rupert Wieloch is about fifteen members of the British Army who were captured during the Russian Civil War. Wieloch was Director of Defence Studies for the British Army so has a good pedigree for a successful military history career - this is his second book.

The book tells the tale of an eclectic group of officers and soldiers who were serving in various roles in the Far East in support of the White Army during the Civil War...
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Sounds fascinating. I have always been intrigued about our abortive intervention in the Russian civil war. The British Army of the Black Sea - that fought with tanks in the Donbas Basin; the British Army of the Caucuses, headquartered in Baku...

And the casualties buried in Florence Nightingales’ cemetey in Istanbul.

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